Friday, November 19th, 2004

Portions For Foxes

Rilo Kiley fans owe it to themselves to hunt down a copy of the new Live At Fingertips EP which I found in Chicago last weekend. It was recorded at the titular record store (or at least I think it’s a record store?) in Long Beach, California in August of this year on the eve of the release of More Adventurous (pics from the performance here). It contains six tracks from the show, performed mostly unplugged (though Blake is on quiet electric guitar), including the non-album song “Somebody Else’s Clothes” which is as good as anything that made the cut. Besides that treat, the recording quality is excellent and Jenny Lewis’ voice is in marvelous form – well worth the price of admission (which, incidentally, is $8 – you can buy a copy here – the tracklisting is correct but the order is wrong – and you can get a poster of the cover art here).

And speaking of live albums, the Pernice Brothers are streaming selections from their forthcoming live album Nobody’s Listening (the audio half of Nobody’s Watching, which technically refers to the DVD portion) off their website. Go to the news section, linked above, and click on the banner – voila, Bob’s your uncle. Actually, that’d only be true if Joe was your dad.

The Toronto Star gets Frank Black Francis to answer the same questions he’s probably answered a million times already about the Pixies reunion.

Elvis Costello interviews Joni Mitchell for Esquire. From LHB. And while on the topic of Declan, you can watch the video for “Monkey To Man” from The Delivery Man, which features a brief cameo from Rilo Kiley’s Jenny Lewis (around the 53-second mark). And I think I see some other celeb cameos but aren’t sure… It’s a fun vid, apparently he got some inspiration from his appearance in the Austin Powers films.

The new Doves record Some Cities has been pushed back a fortnight from February 15 to March 1. That’s right, I said “fortnight”.

Does anyone have an email with which I can contact Ted Leo or his posse? The contact page on his new website doesn’t work and I want to plead with them to bring some merch to their Toronto show in a couple weeks. Or if not, to at least smuggle a single t-shirt across the border for me… Update: Thanks everyone, I sent Ted an email. And I mentioned the typo on his website.

np – The Sadies / Favourite Colours

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  1. ryan says:

    If you’re talking to Ted Leo, be sure and let him know that it’s spelled "P H A R M A C I S T S", and not "P H A R M I C I S T S" (as seen just above the nav).

  2. david says:

    Thanks for the RK ep information, I’ll order my copy today.

  3. Mike (in the LBC) says:

    Just to let you know, you are correct sir. Fingerprints is a record store in Long Beach.

  4. kathryn says: is the one people have had success using in the past, though he must get volumes and volumes of mail.

  5. bozairzere says:

    hey frank, just saw wilco last night, amazing! but do you know a song titled "another man’s done gone"? it seems to have been played live, has it been recorded? thanks.

  6. bozairzere says:

    hey frank nevermind, its on mermaid ave. thanks