Tuesday, November 23rd, 2004

A Notebook Full Of White Dry Pages

I got my copy of The Wilco Book yesterday, and it’s quite an interesting read. A collection of essays, photographs and a sort of guided tour around the world of Wilco, it seems overly arty and pretentious at first glance, but when you sit down and start reading it, you realize that’s just the presentation and the content is actually quite illuminating. You get a moderately in-depth look at the Wilco loft and their equipment, a behind-the-scenes account of life on tour from the band and their techs and a peak at their in-studio creative process. I’m not quite finished yet, but as a fan I’m finding it fascinating. As far as getting into the heads of the band and what makes them tick, it’s more revealing than I Am Trying To Break Your Heart was as it skips over the business and politics and gets right to the art.

I admit that I originally wanted the package more for the 40-minute CD of demos and unreleased tracks that accompanies the book, but that was overestimating the value of the music and grossly underestimating the printed piece. The CD is quite effective as a soundtrack for the book – yes, I made sure to read the latter while listening to the former – but standalone it’s only mildly interesting in an academic sense. Primarily instrumental and with only some of those tracks really qualifying as “songs”. The demos of Ghost tracks “Pure Bug Beauty” and “Hummingbird” are quite nice, but pieces like the closing “Hamami” are little more than sonic experiments. Still, track-by-track liner notes in the appendices go a long way to explaining what the artistic intent was behind each song and give them a certain value, if not listenability. Overall, I’m pleasantly surprised – I half-expected this to be a bit of a rip-off, but it’s really not. Order it from Amazon.ca for a reasonable $25 CDN.

And as a tangentially-related side note, I was listening to the recording of Wilco’s show in Toronto this past October and was tickled to notice that in “Handshake Drugs”, Nels Cline quotes few bars of Tom Verlaine’s “Marquee Moon” solo in one of his guitar breaks. I only really noticed because I was trying to learn the same solo this past weekend. Nels does it better.

It’s the album that just won’t die. A third single from The Postal Service’s Give Up will be released on February 8, more than two years after the album was released. Is that a record of some kind? We Will Become Silhouettes will be b-sided by one new song and two remixes. Billboard has complete details. I’m really amazed at how The Postal Service has trundled along, becoming SubPop’s second-best selling album of all time (behind Nirvana’a Bleach). I guess the USPS motto holds true for the band as well – “Neither snow, nor rain, nor blackest night, no evil will escape their sight–” No wait, that’s the Green Lantern Corps. I always mix them up.

Mogwai have a live mp3 of “2 Rights Make 1 Wrong” performed at this year’s ATP Festival available for download. My favourite Mogwai song ever. Sometimes I just put it on, turn it up and close my eyes.

New Order have confirmed their still-untitled next album will be out in February. I have the date of February 22 jotted down though I’m not sure exactly where that came from.

A look at 4AD’s tenative release schedule for 2005 confirms new albums next year from The Mountain Goats, Tanya Donelly and Mojave 3, as well as some special 25th anniversary releases.

Does anyone remember the Billy & The Boingers: Bootleg Bloom County compendium from 1987? If so, you may recall that the book came with a flexidisc single (that’s for record players, kids – turntables) featuring two songs from the Bill The Cat-led band… Well having never owned the book, I never got a chance to hear the tunes. But now, seventeen years later and thanks to the magic of the internets, I can finally rectify that… And you know what? They’re really not very good. Not that I’m surprised. Listen for yourself. I guess I shouldn’t have been expecting Pet Sounds or something… Get it? Pet Sounds? Bill the Cat? Ha!

np – Stars / Set Yourself On Fire

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  1. Rupe says:

    Just curious – where on the 4AD site were you able to sneak a peek at their 2005 sked? Cheers for the info…


  2. Frank says:

    there was a thread on the beggars message board where one of the label devotees compiled a list of everything that’d been mentioned/promised by 4AD throughout this year.


    No big surprises, but it’s nice to have the confirmation of catalogue numbers set aside.

  3. tankboy says:

    Damnit, who leaked those Boingers tracks! I was always so proud of owning the original flexi and being able to hoard the musical genius all for myself! Kinda like that REM Sassy flexi I used to lord over my friends until they threw "Dark Globe" on a b-side.

    Also, did you catch the return of Steve Dallas in this week’s "Opus?"

    Me so happy me could cry.

  4. Brad Davis says:

    I really enjoyed the Billy and the Boingers songs at the time. They don’t stand up as much now. Not that any novelty record could. The U Make Me Sick song is a band called Mucky Pup. I used to work at a Pizza Hut with a guy who loved Mucky pup.

  5. Paul says:

    I used to date a girl who loved Mucky Pup. You tell me which is worse.

  6. stuchris says:

    I was listening to the recording of Wilco’s show in Toronto this past October……How can you listen to a recording of this show?

  7. Frank says:

    the Massey Hall show is up on Bit Torrent, though I don’t remember where I found the seed. If I can turn up the link somewhere, I’ll post it. But it’s out there.

  8. Frank says:

    The link to the Wilco bit torrent is here:


  9. Rachel says:

    I, too own the Billy and the Boingers Bootleg album. And yes, Steve is old, scary, and still very much a lecher after my own heart. Thank God Berkeley Breathed is making ‘toons again.