Tuesday, September 28th, 2004

Up The Hill And Down

Much-spoken-highly-of Australian pop band Augie March are at the 360 November 1, $8 at the door. Will I like these guys? From the chatter I’ve been hearing over the internet, I’m under the impression I’ll like these guys. That, however, is the same day that The Futureheads are playing Lee’s Palace (tickets $12). Hmm, decisions decisions. On one hand, I could go see Augie March and then go home and listen to The Compact XTC – the next best thing, or I could go see The Futureheads as I suspect that’s where the cool kids will be. Augie March’s Strange Bird just came out on in North America September 14 (it has been out down under since 2002) while The Futureheads’ debut self-titled record came out September 7.

Arcade Fire are Allmusic’s Spotlight Featured Artist for this week. As if Merge didn’t have enough problems keeping their record in print… Mac @ Merge said on the Merge message board, “Funeral has gone certifiably nuts — we knew it would be a classic but failed to anticipate quite how rapidly people would catch on to the Arcade Fire sensation — and we have indeed made more sleeves (the packaging is special) TWICE now.” It’s nice pacakging, I can believe it. And on a related note, their Friday show at Lee’s Palace is sold out (for real this time) but there will be a limited number of tickets available at the door for $10, so if you’re going to try and get em, go early. Or hop in a car and try for the Guelph or Hamilton shows.

CNN previews the release of Elliott Smith’s final record, From A Basement On The Hill, out October 19.

Some waaaaay off (read: 2005) album release news: Doves in February, The Posies in May, The Flaming Lips in Summer (working title of At War With The Mystics, full article here), and Big Star in September. And there’s a number of artists who had hoped to have records out this year but which are starting to look unlikely considering we’re already almost into October and the ’04 release calendar is starting to close up. New Order, Mercury Rev, Built To Spill, J Mascis & The Fog, and Sparklehorse – I’m looking in your direction. You’d think the veterans would have their shit together, wouldn’t you? And if anyone’s got some info on any of these alleged releases, please fill me in.

And if you wanted a little more info on those Posies and Big Star releases, there’s an interview with Jon Auer here where he talks a little bit more about each.

Oh, and I got my copy of American Music Club’s Love Songs For Patriots in the mail yesterday. Parts of it are as fierce as Mercury, other parts as gentle as Eitzel’s solo stuff. ‘S good.

np – American Music Club / Love Songs For Patriots

By : Frank Yang at 9:34 am
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  1. John says:

    Frank, did you check out MOJO magazines All American tribute to the Beatles. The Posises do a kick as version of "I’m Looking Through You" as well Buffalo Tom is on it as well with a really good cover.

  2. tbone says:

    What’s with all these shows on same night? We shouldn’t be forced to make decisions like these, and yet we have to all the time.

    I wasn’t sure about the Franz/Futureheads vs. Arcade Fire night. But thanks to your post today (Futureheads headlining show, more arcade fire hype), I now know I made the right decision getting Arcade Fire tickets. Thanks for the info Frank, that totally made my morning.

  3. Frank says:

    I must have missed those Mojos… I confess, I don’t think it even registers when I see the Beatles on the cover of Mojo anymore. They’re on at least once a season, aren’t they?

    I will have to try and track down some of those cover tunes, though.

  4. anne says:

    1. The Futureheads are good, but not that good. Anyone would be better off going to see the Arcade Fire because as good as their CD is, their live show is better.

    2. And the new AMC album! That first track, Ladies and Gentlemen, is amazing!

  5. Justin says:

    Did I miss a way to get the AMC album ahead of time?

  6. Adam says:

    I live in Australia and regularly visit your great blog-page…

    I would strongly suggest seeing Augie March as opposed to the Futureheads. They are an amazing act..

    If you (or anyone for that matter) are interested in hearing some live tracks of them, or some album tracks drop me a line on MSN:


    I have pretty much their entire catalog (purchased, then ripped to computer on mp3)..



  7. mishie says:

    frank, do you happen to know anyone who needs rilo kiley tix for this sunday? i have some extra to sell…$11.

    pass this along for me? thanks.

  8. Frank says:

    Anne – agreed on "Ladies & Gentlemen". I had a live mp3 for a while and wasn’t expecting the album version to be quite so driving. That fuzzed out bass really changes the dynamic of the song. And following it up with "Another Morning"? Sublime.

    Justin – the AMC came out in the UK a couple weeks ago. I couldn’t wait and ordered it from cdwow.com for the equivalent of $15 US including shipping from Hong Kong. Got here in less than a week. Still waiting on the Charlotte Hatherley disc I order a couple days earlier, though.

    Adam – I am pretty much sold on the Augie March show, but thanks for the reinforcement.

    Mishie – I will mention it tomorrow.

  9. anne says:

    Also, someone posted an advance copy of the AMC album to indietorrents.com – it might still be posted. That’s where I got it.