Friday, September 17th, 2004

Pass The Chutney

The Toronto Star and eye both ran pieces on The Sadies to pump up their two-night CD release party for Favourite Colours at the Horseshoe tonight and tomorrow. I had originally intended to go to one of these shows but TIFF commitments and the resultant exhaustion are making that unlikely. Yes, they always put on an amazing show but they also play a lot, so I’m sure I can catch them next time.

Apparently ticket sales for the Macha/Mahjongg show are not going so well. This makes me sad. If I do indeed bail on The Sadies, I may go to this show just to offer some support and practice some photography. I don’t know what they were thinking booking them into Lee’s, though. This week’s NOW has an interview with Macha to try and build up some interest in the show. Hope it works.

10:51AM did some legwork that I was not willing to do and has revealed that the Arcade Fire show on October 1st at Lee’s is NOT sold out yet – Rotate This had sold out of their block of tickets and noted this on their website, but now have more and the Horseshoe still has em as well. And SHOT informs us that Bell Orchestre will be opening the show. So anyone who got all panicky that they didn’t get tickets in time has a second chance to set things right, kind of like Bruce Willis in The Kid.

Torontonians may want to take note that Sam’s on Yonge St will have Elvis Costello’s new one The Delivery Man on sale starting on the day of release next Tuesday the 21st until Sunday the 26th for the very nice price of $9.99. And then you can take the receipt in when his orchestral album Il Sogno comes out on the 28th for and get it for $14.99.

eye has a Q&A with Sarah Harmer about her show at Massey Hall tonight as well as a look at her future projects… a new Weeping Tile record? Yes, please?

MTV talks to Ben Gibbard about the little side project that could, The Postal Service. He says the will continue to milk the almost-two year old Give Up for as long as they can since there likely won’t be a second album for some time. But it will be a earnest and sincere milking, because as Ben says, “My heart is in everything I do. I don’t half-ass anything”. From LHB.

Boing Boing reports that Sony Pictures has made the unprecedented move of pulling Kung Fu Hustle from it’s second screening at the Film Festival, apparently due to security concerns over bootleggers. I want to call them overly paranoid but you if you look at the films that appear on bit torrent within days if not hours of release, you can’t help but admit they’ve probably got a case. Dem bootleggers is crafty buggers. Anyway, I feel fortunate to have caught the only screening IN THE WORLD so far.

So you know that kerfuffle about Warner Bros trying to do PR for The Secret Machines by hitting up various blogs last month? Seems that I was actually on that list – except the email just got to me, uh, yesterday. It was sent on August 4 but has been lost in the cyber-ether for the past six weeks and now the whole thing is just SO played out. For the record, I wouldn’t have minded posting a link if I liked the track but the least Warner’s could have done was host it on their own damn servers and just given me a link. I don’t see why I should use up my own bandwidth to push their artists. Chumps.

np – Elvis Costello & The Attractions / Blood & Chocolate

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  1. graig says:

    the Bell Orchestre is fucking amazing… that should be a great show, maybe I should go to see if I warm up to the (arcade) fire.

    I wonder if they’ve finished their cd yet…

  2. Frank says:

    Do it Graig… it’s cheeeaaaapppp…

  3. graig says:

    wellllll… the horseshoe is, like, spitting distance away from work (it’s true, I spat on it from the roof!)… and I did just get paid, and the more I listen to the 3/4 of the Funeral album I’ve downloaded the more and more I like it (it reminds me of so many things it’s unbelievable)…hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

    Don’t be surprised if I wind up with a ticket in, oh, 1/2 an hour… and with Bell Orchestre supporting it’s going to be great fo sho!