Tuesday, August 31st, 2004

Une Annee Sans Lumiere

Exclaim’s cover this month is dedicated to The Arcade Fire, whom the magic 8-ball says are going to be one of the biggest stories of the Fall. In the meantime, Tiny Mix Tapes is taking the opportunity to point out that they were all about the Arcade Fire well before it was cool, and have this interview from January to back it up. Funeral is out September 14 and they’re at Lee’s Palace October 1.

Exclaim is also running a new feature called Rock School, wherein they talk to various people around the music industry about their jobs. It’s more interesting than it sounds… check out the piece with Montreal Mirror music editor Rupert Bottenberg, in particular. The guy sounds like a total grump, but he’s probably right.

Filter ran a nice long interview with Jeff Tweedy in their Summer issue and now that the Fall ish is going to be out shortly, they’ve posted the interview online. It’s about three months old so don’t expect to read anything you haven’t read in any of the other multitudes of press clippings since Ghost was released, but it’s a good interview nonetheless. Tweedy’s also on the cover of this month’s issue of The Wire looking more like Neil Young than ever, but it’s not a very long piece and the magazine costs like $13. Sorry, not that hardcore, even if there is a nice picture of his pedalboard in there.

And related – the final salvo of new Wilco material for the year in the form of The Wilco Book by Rick Moody will be out November 15, if Amazon’s information is to be believed. Not that they’re stopping you from ordering it right now… which I did. The price was good and I can wait. Musictoday is also taking pre-orders and they have the tracklisting of the 40-minute CD of unreleased material that will accompany the volume.

If you missed Curiosa, Interpol will be touring Antics through The Docks on October 13, The Secret Machines. Hopefully this show will be better than their last one at the Kool Haus last Fall.

Of Montreal and The Late BP Helium have a venue for their September 25 show – they’ll be at the Poor Alex Theatre on Brunswick, just south of Bloor. An odd venue for a show, but maybe a good one. Tickets are $13 and are very limited. If you want one, get it fast. I *think* I’m going to go to this, but I’m not sure. Anyone want to testify to Of Montreal as a live act? Update: The Bicycles are also opening this show.

The Weakerthans have redone their website and are celebrating with a tour. No Toronto date but they will be just outside of town in Guelph on the 3rd of October with The Constantines and The Fembots at the Univeristy of Guelph’s Peter Clark Hall. My chiropractor’s name was Peter Clark. Probably still is. Coincidence? I think not.

A new Fountains Of Wayne album, which had been slated for release in April of next year, has been pushed ahead by a full five months to November 16… No other details as of yet, and I would expect that it’s a compilation of some sort. Which is fine, really – their b-sides are often as good if not better than the album material.

Gmail now has a desktop notifier that lets you know when you get email. This addresses my one main beef with my gmail accounts, but I’m still too lazy to actually use them for anything. I’ve got too many email accounts as is.

Tomorrow, being the first of September, marks the one-year anniversary of my living alone in a basement apartment. You’d think that not having direct light for that long would get to me, but I find that now I much prefer the darkness. And the company of rats.

np – Rogue Wave / Out Of The Shadow

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  1. mike says:

    I saw The Arcade Fire during last year’s Pop Montreal festival[October 2003] and was mightily impressed. So take that Tiny Mix Tapes!

  2. Torr says:

    yep, new Fountains Of Wayne is a b-side compilation.

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