Monday, August 30th, 2004

I'll Be Your Mirror

A film that’s been getting made under the radar (my radar, anyway) despite having much potential for greatness is Mirrormask. Coming from the collective minds of Neil Gaiman, Dave McKean and Jim Henson Studios and due out this year, the story is classic Gaiman (young girl living in a circus discovers new world where everything is more sinister than it seems), but it looks like his material will finally be brought to the screen – big or small – with anything resembling the budget to do it justice (the BBC production of Neverwhere was disappointingly low-budget). McKean gets directing duties on the part-live action, part-computer animation project which is intended to be a fantasy in the tradition of The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth. Gaiman and McKean had a lengthy discussion about the project at the San Diego ComicCon last month, the highlights of which you can read here. Gaiman recently posted some new images from the film here, here, here and here. It looks amazing, especially considering they’re still working on a shoestring budget (I heard $4 million?). Getting established effects companies to work on the film would have been too expensive, so McKean simply formed his own. That’s taking the initiative.

They are shooting a new tv show called Kevin Hill outside my office today. It stars Taye Diggs. I remember him from an episode of Ed, he starred as Taye Diggs. I should go look for him on the street and go, “Hey, Taye Diggs!”, and he’ll go, “What?”, and I’ll go, “Nothing – thought you were someone else!” And I’ll run off and giggle like a schoolgirl. What a name – how you can not be an actor with a name like Taye Diggs? You’ll never hear anyone go, “Hi, my name’s Taye Diggs – welcome to Wal-Mart!”.

Slow day. I have the hiccups.

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  1. Ryan Waddell says:

    They were shooting for that show in the park behind my building last week… I was astounded to see that EVERY SINGLE FEMALE on the set was SUPER HOT. Even the ones that were clearly behind the scenes chicks – hot hot hot! What the hell? It was so bizarre.

  2. Frank says:

    REALLY. well maybe I should head out at lunch, watch the goings-on… with my camera…

  3. Jason Mulgrew says:



    jason mulgrew

    internet quasi-celebrity

  4. bozairzere says:

    hey frank, how much was the tupelo dvd, and how does one go about gettin a copy???