Friday, October 17th, 2003

Crashing Through

Attention K-Records fans – Dub Narcotic Sound System were in a single-car accident on October 15 and both Calvin Johnson and Chris Sutton have been hospitalized. They have set up a fund to help cover the expected significant hospital bills. They are also organizing some benefit shows to help defray costs.

So I installed the Windows version of iTunes yesterday, because it’s new and shiny and I am a sheep. However, it likes to sort the mp3s by their information tags and guess whose collection is sorely lacking in information tags? Yes, William Shatner’s, but also mine. And as yet I can find no way to list my files by filename, which is how I had them sorted previously. So iTunes simply lists much of what I have as ‘artist – title – album’… not very useful. Anyone have any ideas on how to get around this short of going through each song individually and labelling them?

Kids say the darndest things. EGM introduces todays youth to the video games of yesteryear, with comical results. Little scamps, someone should take them behind the woodshed and beat them with a switch. Just like the good old days.

Jewel is a dirty girl. Dirrrrrty.

Graig offers his thoughts on this weeks Radiohead show.

Largehearted Boy has some links to new Wilco mp3s, both live and studio.

np – The Delgados / Hate

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