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CONTEST – Paper Bag Records 10th Anniversary @ The Great Hall – September 28, 2012

Image via PBRPaper Bag RecordsAs previously reported, Toronto’s Paper Bag Records is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year and they’re doing it with a three-night run of shows at The Great Hall featuring performances from much of their active roster. And though it’s their birthday, they’re the ones offering the gifts.

You may have seen the giveaways run at Quick Before It Melts and Soft Signal for prize packs consisting of label goodies and passes to the Thursday and Saturday nights respectively, and wondered where the Friday night one was – well wonder no more, it’s right here.

Courtesy of Paper Bag, I’ve got one prize pack consisting of:

– A pair of tickets to see The Rural Alberta Advantage, Cuff The Duke, PS I Love You, and Slim Twig at The Great Hall on September 28 – note that this is a 19+ show.
– A special PBR10 t-shirt and commemorative poster
Exercises by CFCF LP
Days Into Years by Elliott Brood LP
All Red by Winter Gloves LP
Contempt! by Slim Twig LP
PS I Love You/Diamond Rings “Leftovers” 7″ single

Not bad, eh? To enter, leave a comment on this post naming your favourite Paper Bag artist and release from the past decade, and be sure to include your email as that’s how the winners will be contacted. By email. Contest is restricted to folks in the Toronto area – you gots to go to the show – and closes at midnight, September 15.

Tickets for the shows are available from direct from Paper Bag.

MP3: Cuff The Duke – “Standing On The Edge”
MP3: Elliott Brood – “Northern Air”
MP3: PS I Love You w Diamond Rings – “Leftovers”
MP3: The Rural Alberta Advantage – “Stamp”

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  1. Erik Smith says:

    My favorite Paper Bags artist is The Rural Alberta Advantage! I love Paper Bags’ limited edition releases of their records, and my favorite is my blue vinyl record of The RAA’s Hometowns.

  2. Jason Carlin (@the2scoops) says:

    Browsing the list of solid albums, I think my favourite is still “Glory Hope Mountain” by The Acorn. It was just vibrantly beautiful album that translated well live.

  3. Tzong-Yi Lin says:

    My favourite is Tokyo Police Club’s A Lesson In Crime. They’re one of my favourite bands and they consistently release great albums.

  4. Nancy K says:

    Really liked ps i love you’s “meet me at the muster station”!

  5. jnuh says:

    PAPER001 – You Forgot It In People

  6. Chuck Smith says:

    Favourite Artist: Born Ruffians
    Favourite Release: Rock Plaza Central – Are We Not Horses (reissues count, no?)

    chuckles3 __at__ gmail

  7. wini says:

    favourite paper bag records artist: cuff the duke
    favourite release: Stars – Heart (this counts even though it was also released on arts & crafts too, right)

  8. Daniel C says:

    Favourite Paper Bag Artist: RAA
    Favourite Release: Hometowns- RAA

  9. piergiorgio says:

    Favourite artist : RAA
    Favourite release : Hometowns from RAA

  10. Jessie says:

    Favourite artist is Cuff the Duke for sure. Favourite release is their album “Morning Comes”

  11. Morgan says:

    The Rural Alberta Advantage!!
    And my favorite release – Hometowns kindled a fire in my heart the first time I heard it’s loveliness.

  12. Saman J says:

    Paper Bag is such a solid label it’s hard to choose favourites. But, the Rural Alberta Advantage always rocks my socks off, and Hometowns is just fantastic.

  13. Cynthia Mate says:

    Favorite Paper Bag Artist: Rural Alberta Advantage
    Favorite Release: departing – Barnes yard. If u had to choose just one

  14. Mike says:

    My favorite Paper Bag artist has to be a tie between: Elliott BROOD, RAA, and TPC. Favorite Paper Bag release is either Hometowns by RAA or Shapeshifting by Young Galaxy.


  15. livfog says:

    I can’t get enough RAA, and Hometowns has to be my favourite release. Drain The Blood? Amazing!

  16. Linda says:

    My fav Paper Bag Artist is Matt Barber. I am so looking forward to his tour stop in my town, Peterborough in support of Songs For The Haunted Hillbilly. Elliott Brood is a close second. I discovered this band on Ships N Dip Cruise with Barenaked Ladies. They are such a fun, fun, band.

  17. Nicolette Bradley says:

    RAA’s Howntowns album, no contest! Absolutely cannot wait for their next album!

  18. Simon Parisse says:

    Even though there are spectacular bands on Paper Bag’s roster, my favourite band is The Rural Alberta Advantage! My favourite album released is the Yellow and Blue Vinyl verisons of Howntown.

  19. Ryan says:

    Favourite Paper Bag artist: The Rural Alberta Advantage
    Favourite release: Hometowns by RAA

    An incredible record, and am itching to see them live again!

  20. juepucta says:

    Uncut! Love their first album.

  21. Lisa says:

    Hate to be repetitive but Hometowns is definitely the best PB release. RAA are amazing.

  22. Samuel James Perry says:

    I really loved the last Young Galaxy record, and would love to see them do it live someday. Gorgeous songs. PBR releases the best vinyl.

  23. Aron O'B says:

    Tokyo Police Club – Lesson in Crime! Sweet contest!

  24. Johnny Martinuk says:

    Have to say Austra’s “Feel It Break”. Top notch from start to finish.

  25. Chris Wakefield says:

    You Say Party! We Say Die! – XXXX.

  26. jessica says:

    You Say Party! Lose All Time – Giant hands

  27. EVA CHEUNG says:

    Austra- feel it break

  28. Kristine says:

    Favorite artist is far and away CFCF, favorite release was Continents. Love Exercises too but damn, Continents gets me everytime…

  29. Patrick O'Connell says:

    Very tough choice but would have to say The RAA and their first release Hometowns.
    Definitely up their with my all time favourites.

  30. Victor says:

    Favourite Artist: PS I Love You

    Favourite Release: Feel It Break by Austra

  31. Julia says:

    My vote is also for the RAA’s Hometowns. Very few albums are so consistently listenable – it’s a great one.

  32. Rosita says:

    Surprised no one put Magneta Lane! I love them– they’re indie, from Toronto, and have rockin’ music! Plus, the girls are super nice and personable. My fave tune from them is The Constant Lover. I’ll be back home in Toronto that weekend… please pick me!! :) xx

  33. Michael Long says:

    rural alberta advantage – departing. lord have mercy i love this album.

  34. Danielle D'Ornellas says:

    Favourite artist has to be You Say Party, consistently awesome work.

    But favourite album in terms of playing over and over… PS I Love You – Meet Me at the Muster Station!

  35. David Trowsdale says:

    Favourite Artist: Born Ruffians

    Favourite Album: ‘Feel It Break’ by Austra

  36. Andrew Wilson says:

    Favourite PBR artists have to be Cuff The Duke, RAA, and The Acorn. Favourite PBR release is definitely The Deadly Snakes’ “Porcella”. Still as good as the day it came out.

  37. Ian Blais says:

    A contest restricted to Toronto fans. That’s a sad way to treat fans.

  38. Kate Field says:

    Rural Alberta Advantage and though all their albums are great, their best album release so far is hands down Hometowns. Best song release I would have to say is In the Summertime.

  39. Andrika says:

    Some of my fav bands are on Paper Bag, but by far the greatest and my favourite is Young Galaxy! Um, did you listen to Shapeshifting??? *drool* this band is so sick live. And Stephen Ramsay…amazing! Nicest musician to talk to. whether or not you win, I def recommend going out to this concert series…the line-up is worth it!

    Oh, I also, I cannot forget another great release, ‘You Forgot it in People’ by BSS!

  40. Thomaus says:

    Favourite release is still PAPER003 “Heart” by Stars. I almost came close to wearing that CD out over the last nine years. But for band I’d have to go with Rural Alberta Advantage. They seem to embody the Paper Bag spirit the most.

  41. Scott Clark says:

    Favourite Artist: Cuff the Duke
    Favourite Release: BSS- You Forgot it in People

  42. Phil says:

    Favorite artist would be Moonface, and favorite album, With Siinai: Heartbreaking Bravery.

  43. lisa says:

    cuff the duke and austra’s feel it break!