Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

"Was There Anything I Could Do?"

Maxïmo Park covers The Go-Betweens

Photo via AmazonAmazonIt’s always amused me the amount of hand-wringing there seems to occur here in North America over the use of the word “independent” – or “indie”, as the kids say – as a musical adjective and/or genre while over in the UK, its been accepted as a legitimate descriptor for decades, even to the point of there existing compilation albums dedicated to celebrating its endurance. That was ostensibly the mandate of Independents Day: ID08, released in 2008 and featuring one disc of covers with current independent artists covering their forbears and a second featuring recommendations of up and coming acts by those same artists. Kind of a multi-generational group hug thing,

One of the participating artists was Newcastle’s Maxïmo Park, who chose to pay homage to one of Australia’s greatest pop bands in The Go-Betweens. They don’t mix it up too much, only goosing the tempo and tension to more Maxïmo-friendly levels and transferring Amanda Brown’s violin solo to synths, but the original is such a great tune that to try and tweak it too much would only result in a poorer version – I suspect the band knew this. Or they were just being lazy.

After a few years’ break, Maxïmo Park return with their fourth album The National Health next week. The Go-Betweens ceased being a band with the untimely death of singer-guitarist Grant McLennan just over six years ago. Co-founder Robert Forster continues on as a solo artist; his last solo record The Evangelist was released in 2008.

And if you were curious, the band that Maxïmo Park recommended on the second disc of the comp was Cougar.

MP3: Maxïmo Park – “Was There Anything I Could Do?”
Video: The Go-Betweens – “Was There Anything I Could Do?”

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