Sunday, February 5th, 2012

"A Face In The Crowd"

Kathleen Edwards covers Tom Petty

Photo via AmazonAmazonFlashback: 2004. Ottawa singer-songwriter Kathleen Edwards has made a bit of a name for herself with her debut album Failer the year before, and perhaps seeking to solidify the lucrative “people-who-buy-their-CDs-while-buying-coffee” demographic, contributes a song to the Starbucks/Hear Music-assembled Sweetheart: Love Songs compilation. This places her alongside artists like Aimee Mann and Josh Ritter in recording love songs covers, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Edwards chooses to reinterpret a Tom Petty song from his 1989 solo album, Full Moon Fever.

Eight years and three albums and one solid career later, Edwards seems poised to have a real breakout year, thanks more to the excellence of her latest record Voyageur and not the music-buying impulses of caffeine addicts. And you know, that’s probably for the best. Exclaim, Post City, Express Night Out and The Washington Post have interviews with Edwards and her show at The Phoenix this coming Saturday – February 11 – is just about sold out. Tom Petty’s last record with the Heartbreakers or without was 2010’s Mojo. Starbucks has largely abandoned their Hear Music initiative, but there were three more Valentine’s-timed Sweetheart covers comps released over the years – 2005, 2009 and 2010.

MP3: Kathleen Edwards – “A Face In The Crowd”
Video: Tom Petty – “A Face In The Crowd”

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  1. Meegs says:

    Pretty good Tom Petty cover. HINT. HINT.