Sunday, June 12th, 2011

"Army Dreamers"

Patrick Wolf covers Kate Bush

Photo By Frank YangFrank YangYou don’t need to have any sort of imagination to envision a young Patrick Wolf discovering and instantly becoming devoted to the works of Kate Bush; lines drawn between her groundbreaking art-pop in the 1980s and his version of same in the ’00s would be straight and thick. So it’s kind of interesting that according to this live clip, before performing a different cover of one of her songs, he says that he was only introduced to her work at age 20, well after his debut album Lycanthropy was completed.

But even if it was late in coming, her influence on his work is pretty clear so when tapped to contribute a cover to Peace (currently offline), the compilation assembled by Buffet Libre in support of Amnesty International, he chose her sombre, anti-war single from her third album Never For Ever, still topical over thirty years on from its release.

Patrick Wolf’s fifth album Lupercalia is due for release in the UK next week with a North American release to follow later this year. Kate Bush released her first sort-of new album in over five years last month with the revisionist Director’s Cut, and Bush has confirmed that she is working on all-new material though a release date for such is still to be set.

MP3: Patrick Wolf – “Army Dreamers”
Video: Kate Bush – “Army Dreamers”

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