Sunday, April 17th, 2011

"Gouge Away"

Mogwai covers Pixies

Image via AmazonAmazonFor two bands whose aesthetic can reductively be summed up as “loud QUIET loud” (or “QUIET loud QUIET”), Pixies and Mogwai don’t have all that much in common. For the former, the dynamic shifts were a means towards the end of groundbreakingly fractured pop, delivered in compact packages and defined by Black Francis’ throat-shredding vocals. The latter’s post-rock action, on the other hand, required them to stretch things out, all tension and release, and largely had no use for vocals of any kind.

The Scots do their best Bostonian impersonations on the 2007 tribute album Dig For Fire: A Tribute To Pixies, though, managing to turn in a version of the Doolittle finale that’s even shorter and fuzzier than the original with Stuart Braithwaite stepping up to the mic for the required screaming. It’s less unhinged than the Pixies version, instead affecting an air of determined menace but hey – it wouldn’t be Mogwai if it didn’t threaten to punch you in the face at any given moment.

Pixies are in town tomorrow and Tuesday at Massey Hall doing their Doolittle album recital, while Mogwai are at The Phoenix next Tuesday night, April 26, in support of their new record Hardcore Will Never Die But You Will. Relix and Illinois Entertainer have interviews with members of Mogwai while The Montreal Gazette and Echo have features on Pixies. Update: Visa issues have forced Mogwai to postpone the first five dates of the Spring tour, to be rescheduled for October. The Toronto date is still on.

MP3: Mogwai – “Gouge Away”
Video: Pixies – “Gouge Away” (live)

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