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All Farewells

The Coast wash away

Photo By Carl HeindlCarl HeindlA half-decade ago, almost to the day, I broke my usual holiday concert moratorium and headed out to Rancho Relaxo to see a former bandmate play a solo set and in the process, discovered a new Toronto outfit called The Coast. I had actually met some of them at a New Year’s Eve party the year prior, when they were still called The July 26th Movement, but this little show was my first time seeing them play and yeah, their emotive blend of New Order jangle and U2 earnestness struck a chord, and I was a fan.

And now, five years, two albums, one EP and countless tours to all points on the globe and citing the usual personal, financial and creative reasons, the band are calling it a day. They’re playing one final show at The Garrison tonight and will then move on to whatever is next, so if you’ve got the evening open, you could do far far worse than to bid farewell to one of the city’s most consistently good yet underappreciated bands. Tickets are $10 or $7 with the donation of two non-perishable food items. and eye conduct a couple of exit interviews with the band, and I dug up an IM interview I did with the band back in the Summer of 2006… a fine reminder of why I don’t do interviews.

MP3: The Coast – “Heartbreak City”
MP3: The Coast – “Killing Off Our Friends”
MP3: The Coast – “No Secret Why”
MP3: The Coast – “Tightrope”
MP3: The Coast – “The Lines Are Cut”

The National Post has some words with John O’Regan of Diamond Rings. He’s at the Sound Academy on January 26 opening up for Robyn.

Spin finds out where the reunited-for-now Dismemberment Plan got their name.

A compilation’s worth of Smiths demos and instrumentals has surfaced. And by “surfaced” I mean been ripped from a vinyl bootleg and released onto the internet. Have at it.

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