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"Good Enough"

The Acorn cover Cyndi Lauper

Image via Paper Bag RecordsPaper Bag RecordsWatching the video for Cyndi Lauper’s theme song for the classic ’80s kid’s film The Goonies is like a time warp in so many ways. Beyond the obvious trip back to 1985 – the film celebrated its 25th anniversary this year – there’s the whole “event”-ness of the vid: the massive, ’80s WWF wrestler cast, the appearance of most of the cast of the film not to mention also featuring director Richard Donner behind the camera, the fact that it was split into two parts – the first part debuting on MTV prior to the film’s release and the second part debuting after it opened… I only remembered vague bits of this – the Wikipedia entry for the song and video is quite thorough. And the thing that tends to get lost in all of this is that the tune underpinning it all – “Good Enough” – is really great, even when or especially when shed of all the circus-ness around it, it’s still a perfectly crafted pop song with a really sad heart – a shame that Lauper pretty much disowned the song for so long, though she’s begun re-introducing it to her live shows.

The Acorn’s Rolf Klausener saw this, and he and his Ottawan cohorts recorded an interpretation of the song a couple years ago for inclusion on their Heron Act odds and sods compilation. Their version takes the downer vibe that exists in the song’s lyrics and brings it to the fore in spare and sombre form. A video with wrestlers would probably be wholly inappropriate. Well, The Rock might be able to pull it off. Dude’s got serious dramatic chops.

The Acorn released their new record No Ghost at the start of this month and have already scheduled two tours around Canada and the US for this Summer and Fall to support – no Toronto date to follow their appearance at Lee’s Palace a couple weeks ago, but something in November seems reasonable. Cyndi Lauper is one of the marquee performers at this year’s Pride Toronto, giving a free show at Queen’s Park on July 3.

MP3: The Acorn – “Good Enough”
Video: Cyndi Lauper – “Good Enough”

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