Sunday, June 20th, 2010

SPONSORED – Spin @ Bonnaroo

So as may or may not be evident, this here site has been part of a network run by Spin in which they handle the bulk of the advertising you see along the top and right of the site and I’m provided the means by which to expand my Faberge egg collection. And as such, I will occasionally be putting up some content provided by them which I would hope is of interest to visitors. Such as some of these interviews at Bonnaroo last weekend, conducted in a backyard setting provided by Jeremiah Weed beverages with the likes of Mumford & Sons (below), Phoenix and Fanfarlo, amongst others.

By : Frank Yang at 2:42 pm
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  1. adorno says:


    Crass commercialization

    No integrity

    Corporate shill

  2. michaelE says:

    There’s those times when you have to make decisions….popular or not?

    Paramore on the cover and a big write-up for The Gaslight Anthem?

  3. eff you bro says:

    Dude i used to love this site.
    Sponsored content? This is bullshit bro. You just lost a reader.
    See you in hell