Sunday, May 23rd, 2010

"All My Friends"

Franz Ferdinand and John Cale cover LCD Soundsystem (not together but kind of simultaneously)

Image via rateyourmusicrateyourmusicI’ve already ‘fessed up to my late-to-the-partyness with regards to LCD Soundsystem, so I’ll not go over that ground again, save to say that I’m making up for lost time and better now than after James Murphy’s threat to retire is made real.

That said, I have had some LCD in my music collection for a while even though I’m not really sure I knew it was them. The cover of “All Your Friends” by Franz Ferdinand, which was commissioned by Murphy and company for inclusion as a b-side on the official LCD 7″ single sounds like it could have been an unreleased Franz track, which its wordy, new wave dance vibe fitting them like a pair of skinny jeans. The John Cale version, which was released as the flip of a different 7″ single, I only found recently after learning of its existence and while it’s not quite the effortless translation of the Franz version, the way the former Velvet Underground-er seizes it without reservations anyways makes it an even greater reinterpretation.

LCD Soundsystem are at the Kool Haus this Tuesday night. Franz Ferdinand started working on the follow-up to 2009’s Tonight earlier this year. John Cale continues to be generally awesome.

MP3: Franz Ferdinand – “All My Friends”
MP3: John Cale – “All My Friends”
Video: LCD Soundsystem – “All My Friends”

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