Sunday, March 14th, 2010

"Harnessed In Slums"

Superchunk covers Archers Of Loaf

Photo via Superchunksuperchunk.comThis one’s for the oldsters. Of which I am one. But not old enough to have ever seen Superchunk live… okay, I am, but wasn’t tuned in enough to have caught them before they went on hiatus in the early ’00s. Which is why for SxSW this week, for all the shiny young things looking to make a splash, the one act I am most looking forward to seeing is the ‘Chunk. In recent years they’ve come out of retirement just enough to make occasional live appearances like the one or two they have planned for Austin this week. One of them I will have to miss due to other commitments and logistics, so if you’re looking for me, La Zona Rosa on Friday at 3PM is a good start. And if I’m not there, then call the cops because the bats have taken me.

And while all I want to hear from them is their own songs, if, say, Matt Gentling and Eric Bachmann from fellow ’90s college rock heroes Archers Of Loaf were to join them onstage as they did in Atlanta in February 2001 and tear through “Harnessed In Slums”, well allowances can be made. Not that I expect that to happen. Really. Gentling was only a temporary touring member of Band Of Horses so while they’re in town, he probably won’t be. And as Bachmann recently tweeted, he’s getting started on the next Crooked Fingers record, so he’s busy doing God’s work.

Would you look at how young Bachmann looks in that video? Gadzooks.

MP3: Superchunk – “Harnessed In Slums”
Video: Archers Of Loaf – “Harnessed In Slums”

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  1. Casey P. says:

    Thanks for posting this, Frank! Quite possibly my two favorite bands of all time. I still get goosebumps whenever Eric B. plays Archers songs, whether it’s solo or with Crooked Fingers.

    Enjoy the ‘Chunk at SxSW. Here’s hoping for a new album and tour soon.

  2. Chris W says:

    Wow! I was lucky enough to see both these bands live at the Reading Festival back in 1994. Along with Sebadoh and Pavement, they were the only reason I made the 1000 mile+ round trip from the North-East of Scotland. And well worth it it was too.

    Thanks for posting this!