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Have One On Me

Joanna Newsom prepares new album; will at least drive through Toronto

Photo By Paul O'VallePaul O’ValleBefore the passing of Jay Reatard on Wednesday – condolences to his friends, family and fans – the topic du jour in the indie nation was what was up with Joanna Newsom. Everyone’s favourite harpist hadn’t released any new music since 2007’s Joanna Newsom & The Ys Street Band EP, itself a chaser for the epic Ys, and while anyone is entitled to a break after putting something like that together, fans were certainly getting anxious for some new material, or even news of new material.

Which finally came this week, first in the form of a cryptic comic strip at her North American label Drag City and then as a confirmation from her Australian handlers at Spunk Records which has since been removed, but too late – the word was out that Newsom’s third album will be entitled Have One On Me and be released on February 23 in North America.

And that timing makes sense, considering the previously-announced tour dates that will take her around North America in March. And while I had previously suggested that the days off between her Grand Rapids date on the 12th and Montreal’s on the 15th were enough that a Toronto show would be a virtual certainty, that window of opportunity has since gotten smaller with the addition of a second Montreal date on the 14th. Which essentially means that if there is going to be a local date for Ms Newsom, it’s going to have to be on March 13 – which happens to be the final day of Canadian Musicfest. So one theory is that the announcement of the show is being held back to coincide with a festival press release. Another is the show is happening independently of the festival and the announcement is just being delayed for one reason or another. Or it’s possible that she’s skipping us entirely and any Torontonians hoping to get a glimpse of her first visit to the 416 since October 2006 will have to do so from a 401 overpass, assuming she travels by car and not on the back of a flying unicorn.

I’ll obviously keep you posted if anything further emerges about either the album or tour. Until then, enjoy the one available piece of official media available online – a video from her 2004 debut The Milk-Eyed Mender.

Video: Joanna Newsom – “The Sprout & The Bean”

Dirty Projectors are giving away both sides of a new 7″ as free MP3 downloads from their website right now.

Muzzle Of Bees asks five questions of Sharon Van Etten, in town on February 6 at Trinity-St. Paul’s opening up for Great Lake Swimmers.

Black Cab Sessions has a session in a cab with Alela Diane, circa SxSW 2009.

Department For Sound interviews Dean & Britta on the occasion of their playing the WOMAD festival in Australia in March.

The Dumbing Of America talks to Lauren Larson of Ume while declaring them, “your new favourite band”.

Check out the first MP3 from The Morning Benders’ new album Big Echo, due out March 9. They play the Drake Underground on April 14. The Fader has an interview.

MP3: The Morning Benders – “Promises”

Magnet solicits an interview from Centro-Matic’s Will Johnson, who is playing guest editor on their site this week.

ABC News has a video interview with Richard Balayut and Fontaine Toups of Versus, who are back together and working on a new record.

Pitchfork reports that Okkervil River’s next recorded appearance will be as psych-rock legend Roky Erickson’s band on his new record True Love Cast Out All Evil,, out April 20.

Stereogum has the first taste of Miles Kurosky’s solo debut The Desert Of Shallow Effects, out March 9. There’s also some tour dates set, though nothing up this way. Hope that’s rectified soon – as I recall, Beulah’s final show here at Lee’s Palace in October 2003 was epic.

Soundproof talks to Dinosaur Jr drummer Murph as the trio finally makes it to Toronto, with a date at the Phoenix next Thursday night, January 21.

Baeble Music has a full concert video from Thao with The Get Down Stay Down at the First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia.

Luxury Wafers has a video and downloadable session and an interview with The Dutchess & The Duke.

Record Store Day (which is April 17 this year write it down) has an interview with Britt Daniel of Spoon. Transference is out on Tuesday and they play the Sound Academy on March 29.

Vivian Girls have set a North American tour this Spring in support of last year’s Everything Goes Wrong. The Toronto date is at Wrongbar on March 10, tickets $14.

Video: Vivian Girls – “When I’m Gone”

Dr. Dog’s new record Shame, Shame is out April 6 and they will kick off their North American tour at Lee’s Palace on April 14.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s April 1 show at the Phoenix has been moved from the Phoenix to the Sound Academy.

Dose reports that the Blur documentary No Distance Left To Run will be getting a one-day engagement across Canada next Thursday, January 21. The Toronto showing will be at 7PM at the Scotiabank Theatre – advance tickets go on sale Friday. Since the reunion is apparently done for the foreseeable future, this is as close to Blur in 2010 as we’re going to get. I’ll have to wait for the DVD, though, since that evening is reserved for another reunion – Dinosaur Jr.

Trailer: Blur: No Distance Left To Run

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  1. JessR says:

    Just came back from a screening of the Blur doc and it’s fantastic!! Beautifully shot, great interviews, amazing archival footage, the music (of course) is the star and Alex is still the dreamiest. If anyone’s a fan, I highly recommend going to the premiere!

  2. BooBerry says:

    Frank, so is the Sound Academy a bigger or smaller venue than Phoenix? Is this an upgrade for BRMC or a downgrade? Thanks.

  3. Frank Yang says:

    phoenix ~ 1000
    sound academy ~ 3000

    so upgrade in size, downgrade in convenience, comfort, experience, intimacy…

  4. stalevar says:

    I keep my fingers crossed for J Newsom to make a Toronto stop. Her song Emily is the best song of the last 10 years. Not fair for Montreal to get two nights! PopMontreal says Mar 15 show is sold out at $25 a ticket.

  5. Derek says:

    No Ottawa showing for the Blur Doc? We get snubbed for shows all the time, but a film… in a theatre? C’mon.

  6. Bruce says:

    Thanks for the map of the 401. (It’s those little details that makes Chromewaves special!) Let’s hope she doesn’t miss that left turn at Michigan St.

    Hey, The Dumbing of America, it’s like you know me!

    “so upgrade in size, downgrade in convenience, comfort, experience, intimacy…”
    …sightlines, personal safety, self-esteem, basic human decency… shall I continue?

    Topic: The Sound Academy is neither Sound nor Academic. Discuss.

  7. PIXELHORSE says:


  8. Frank Yang says:

    fixed. no need to shout.

  9. BooBerry says:

    “phoenix ~ 1000
    sound academy ~ 3000

    so upgrade in size, downgrade in convenience, comfort, experience, intimacy…”

    So sorry. Grateful they are playing the best venue Seattle has to offer – Showbox Market – capacity 1200.

  10. thomaus says:

    Please don’t wait for Joanna from one of these overpasses, it’s just not safe.,-79.339061&sspn=0.003099,0.006759&ie=UTF8&ll=43.767286,-79.33911&spn=0.003115,0.006759&z=18
    I love how this interchange looks on a nav screen at night.
    I’m re-listening to ‘Emily’ to see what I’ve been missing, and why I never grew to love Ms. Newsom. It certainly isn’t driving music.

  11. Dusted Reviews | Avant Music News says:

    […] Joanna Newsom prepares new album; will at least drive through Toronto ( No Comments Add new tag, Arts and Entertainment, Blast First, Business, Drag City, Labels, Music, Red Krayola, Specialty […]

  12. Brad says:

    Great to see my favorite harpist getting some respect!

    Speaking of Newsom, Roan Press’s “Visions of Joanna Newsom” book is now available for pre-ordering:

    You can see the blurbs at