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Last Year's Snow

The Cribs wrap North American tour, plan North American tour

Photo By Pat GrahamPat GrahamYeah, I know that I probably keep closer track of British bands than some (but certainly not as much as others), but I still get confused as to who’s who sometimes. Particularly when it comes to outfits comprised of skinny, shaggy-looking lads wielding guitars and perhaps scowls, and whose names are some combination of the definite article and a random noun, sometimes pluralized. The Rifles? They’re the ones who’re trying to channel The Jam (and doing a pretty good job of it). The Rakes? They’re the ones who just one-upped their habit of cancelling North American tours by breaking up completely (on the eve of a North American tour, of course). The Cribs? Right, they’re the ones made up of three brothers – two of them twins – and Johnny Marr.

That fact alone renders the band worthy of a closer look, though it’s not enough – I still think Modest Mouse are terrible, Marr or no Marr. Though it’s their fourth album, the just-released Ignore The Ignorant is the first I’ve heard and it’s sort of what I’d expected, even without any prior knowledge – scrappy post-Libertines guitar rock – but with a goodly amount of melody to go with the attitude and, of course, some searing guitar work courtesy of the non-Jarman in the band. Nothing revelatory or game-changing, but certainly successful at scratching the ol’ Brit-rock itch.

The Cribs wrap up an exhaustive three-date American tour tonight in New York, but have already began making plans to return in the New Year with the one announced date so far being right here in Toronto at the Phoenix on January 15, accompanied by Adam Green and The Dead Trees. And presumably accompanied by Mr. Marr, considering how keen they all are to present him as a full-fledged member of the band, and not just the cool uncle figure helping out in the studio. Which if fine with me – can’t say I’m not anxious about the opportunity to see and photograph Marr in such close quarters.

MTV UK has got a live video session with The Cribs available to stream.

MP3: The Cribs – “We Were Aborted”
Video: The Cribs – “Cheat On Me”
MySpace: The Cribs

Another British “The” band – and also a current “it” band – is officially down a member. In an interview with The Stool Pigeon, The xx confirm that guitarist Baria Quereshi has left the band and that they will continue on as a trio – bad news for Marr if he was looking for another band of young’ns to hang out with. The xx are at The Phoenix on December 2.

The previously-mentioned Rifles play an acoustic session in a Berlin park for They Shoot Music.

The Quietus has an audio session and interview with Patrick Wolf.

Pitchfork reports that Tindersticks will follow up 2008’s The Hungry Saw with Falling Down A Mountain, set for a January 25 release everywhere except North America; here it comes out February 16.

MP3: Tindersticks – “Black Smoke”

Taken By Trees cover of Animal Collective’s “My Girls”, taken from her new album East Of Eden, is now available to grab as an MP3.

MP3: Taken By Trees – “My Boys”
Video: Taken By Trees – “My Boys”

The Line Of Best Fit interviews Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear.

The Village Voice talks to Bishop Allen’s Justin Rice about the making of their new video for “True Or False”.

Video: Bishop Allen – “True Or False”

Yahoo’s The New Now is streaming a video session with White Rabbits.

Wilco will be streaming their show in Amsterdam this coming Monday live via their Roadcase starting at 3PM Eastern time.

Great Lake Swimmers’ Mountain Stage session is currently available to stream at NPR, and there’s also an interview at Birmingham Mail. They have a date at Trinity-St Paul’s on February 6.

Zeus will play a free show at The Horseshoe on Tuesday night, alongside Still Life Still and The Most Serene Republic for a special Arts & Crafts-centric Nu Music Nite 16th anniversary party. They also just announced their debut full-length Say Us will be out on February 23.

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  1. Cat says:

    Hey Chromewaves. Thanks for this post. It made my day to hear that The Cribs are coming. Do you by chance know if it is a 19+ show or an all ages one? Barely any info is posted on the web. Thanks.

  2. stalevar says:

    I saw the Cribs playing at El Mocambo in spring 2007 and the club was half full. How will they fill in the Phoenix in January?

  3. Frank Yang says:

    cat – the phoenix CAN be all-ages, but I don’t know if this show will be. the official press release will probably be along in the next week or two, that info will be there.

    stalevar – guess they’re counting on the Marr factor to boost interest. And it certainly worked for me.

  4. stalevar says:

    Cat – livenation says it is 19+ here:
    bad news?

  5. Cat says:

    Unfortunately, it’s bad news.
    Thanks for the wake up call though.
    I guess I have to wait to be legal for another ten months.
    I thought it would be too good to be true to see them.
    Have fun though!

  6. Patrick says:

    New Monsters of Folk video for Say Please–218604944

  7. Marius says:

    Too funny about you losing your handle on all those current Brit bands. Geez, and I was hoping you would be the guiding light for me. Good luck with it though.

  8. Bruce says:

    I’ve been a scrappy fan of the scrappy Cribs for a while, and having seen them twice in the last few years (the Lee’s show was by far the better of the two), would have to say their scrappy quotient is considerably higher in a live setting. I’m excited to see them with Marr added to the lineup as he’ll bring a whole different aesthetic to their borderline punk (albeit charming) presentation. And yeah, because he’s Johnny Marr. (Although judging by their turn on Letterman last night, Marr is making every effort to be a Jarman. It’s uncanny.)

    Note to Cat: Two words — Fake ID. Life’s too short for the LCBO.

  9. mike says:

    Been listening to The xx and been appreciating more and more. But down a guitarist and continuing as a trio….how minimalist sounding can they get? Thinking about checking out the Friendly Fires / The xx show myself although I’m wondering how chatty the crowd will be during The xx’s set, unless the crowd actually clams up for once.