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Malajube at Sonic Boom in Toronto

Photo By Frank YangFrank YangDifferent bands have different attitudes towards the in-store set. Some treat them like opportunities to strip down and get intimate with their audience (okay, that sounded much dirtier than intended but you get the meaning), others don’t seem so comfortable with the setting and obviously want to get their sets done as quickly as possible. Montreal’s Malajube, in town a day before their show tonight at the Horseshoe, treated their Wednesday night in-store at Sonic Boom like any other show – by plugging in and turning up. Way up.

Though they’ve been twice-nominated for the Polaris Music Prize and are arguably the best-known Francophone rock band in Canada, Malajube still manage to fly under the radar of many, or at least me. And yeah, it’s a language thing mainly – I tend to be a lyrics guy (post-rock instrumental acts aside) and knowing they’re saying something but not knowing what is a bit of a barrier to full and proper appreciation. Their live performances, however, do a good job of proving that not nearly a good enough reason to ignore them. After all, good rock music transcends linguistics and Malajube are nothing if not good – nay, great – rock. Theirs is a twisty sort of prog-pop whose complexity is overlook because of the melodies layered overtop, just as their heaviness might not be immediately noticed for the giddy and mischievous tone of their songs. But Malajube brought all those characteristics to the fore during their reasonably long, 8-song set that was split almost evenly between 2006’s Trompe-L’oeil and this year’s Labyrinthes.

While that mini-set was enough to satiate my appetite for the next while – a slow week for shows such as this is something to be treasured – anyone who didn’t make it out to the in-store and/or has never seen them live is strongly encouraged to hit the Horseshoe tonight for their show.

Photos: Malajube @ Sonic Boom – November 25, 2009
MP3: Malajube – “Porte Disparu”
MP3: Malajube – “Fille à plumes”
Video: Malajube – “Luna”
Video: Malajube – “Porté disparu”
Video: Malajube – “Ton Plat Favori”
Video: Malajube – “La Crabe”
Video: Malajube – “Étienne d’Août “
Video: Malajube – “Fille à plumes”
Video: Malajube – “Pâte Filo”
Video: Malajube – “Montréal -40°C”
Video: Malajube – “Le jus de citron”
Video: Malajube – “Le métronome”
MySpace: Malajube

Spoon have pushed ahead the release date of their new album Transference by a week – it will now be available on January 19, not the 26th as originally announced.

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Video: Headlights – “Love Song For Buddy”

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America is on holiday now and as such, I am rationing out what blog fodder I have to make it through the weekend. Just so you know.

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  1. Knoxy says:

    My Wife walked down the aisle to Etienne d’Aout back in June.

    Saw these guys at Lee’s couple years back, highly recommend folks to see them tonight.

  2. anja says:

    I’m going to the show tonight. I can’t wait to see them live. I feel the same way about the lyrics. Though I can speak French I’m not fluent enough to understand the lyrics without reading them online.