Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

"Head Like A Hole"

Devo cover Nine Inch Nails

Photo via AmazonAmazonAt first glance, it seems a strange pairing – absurdist ’80s New Wave/art-rock pioneers Devo taking on nihilist ’90s industrial rock pioneers Nine Inch Nails, but no stranger than the project for which it was intended – the soundtrack to the 1996 US release of Jackie Chan’s Supercop. Of course, nothing is ever really that ridiculous where Devo is involved, ridiculousness being key to their creative mandate. And I’ve always found Nine Inch Nails somewhat ridiculous as well, so Devo’s re-do of their angst anthem actually goes down better in these parts than the original.

Devo are wrapping a short North American tour this Monday and Tuesday in Toronto with shows at The Phoenix wherein their perform Q: Are We Not Men? A: We are DEVO! and Freedom Of Choice in their entirety, one each night, and will release their first new album in twenty years next year with Fresh. Nine Inch Nails went on hiatus this year following a final round of touring, giving Trent Reznor more time to focus on his Twittering.

NOW has an interview with Devo’s Gerald Casale.

MP3: Devo – “Head Like A Hole”
Video: Nine Inch Nails – “Head Like A Hole”

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