Saturday, October 3rd, 2009

CONTEST – Loney Dear @ The Horseshoe – October 12, 2009

Photo via PolyvinylPolyvinylEmil Svanangen has no use for your concepts of “linear time” or “chronological discographies”. For North American fans of Loney Dear, keeping up with his output has been a bit like playing Rock Band: The Traveller’s Wife Edition as his Stateside labels have picked and chosen which of his records to release whenever they want, regardless of where they fall in his artistic arc. Thankfully, Svanangen has been quite consistent from record to record in his dedication to grand melancholic pop gestures and the sanctity of the “ba-ba-ba” so you can really start wherever you like and just go with it.

And while we’d gotten mostly in sync earlier this year when Dear John came out – his newest release was his newest release wherever in the world you were – the picture is once again getting a bit clouded as his second album, 2004’s Citadel Band, is getting a limited edition (1000 pieces) re-release on vinyl come November 24. Yeah it’s already been available domestically on CD but who buys CDs anymore? Besides me, that is.

Regardless, analog-swede-pop-ophiles will rejoice at this. And those who like it live will surely be at the Horseshoe on October 12 when Loney Dear makes up their show from May, cancelled when their van broke down en route to Toronto, and they’re bringing fellow Swede Anna Ternheim and labelmates Asobi Seksu for the ride. Tickets are $13 in advance but courtesy of Rootmeansquare, I’ve got two pairs of passes to give away for the show. To enter, email me at contests AT with “I am thankful for Loney Dear” in the subject line and your full name in the body. Yes, it’s Thanksgiving but most people do their turkey day rituals on the Sunday night, don’t they? And I actually thought this show was on the 13th for most of this Summer and have been reporting it as such for months. Thanks for catching that, everyone.

And oh yeah, there’s a new video from Dear John Check it out.

MP3: Loney Dear – “Ignorant Boy Beautiful Girl”
MP3: Loney Dear – “Airport Surroundings”
Video: Loney Dear – “I Was Only Going Out”

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  1. Jason aka Zaphoid says:

    Loving your mellow vibes and sweetly sad sound. It reminds me of fall. I think you have shown that you can say something profound without a lot of lyrics. Ignorant Boy Beautiful Girl sounds hopeful through the darkness.