Sunday, July 5th, 2009

"Postcards From Italy"

Florence & The Machine covers Beirut

Photo via RCRDLBLRCRDLBLThe buzz around Londoner Florence Welch, aka Florence & The Machine, has been going for well over year – I first caught a whiff at SxSW 2008 and since then, it’s been growing steadily and should culminate with the impending release of her debut album Lungs.

But for the longest time, there was only a handful of Florence material available to stoke the fires – a couple of fine singles released on IAMSOUND – and some random session MP3s, including this Beirut cover, taken from something dubbed “The School Sessions”. It’s a lovely rendering, showcasing her powerful vocals while managing to stay mostly restrained. It doesn’t necessarily showcase her more manic/maniacally creative side, but that’s sure to be more than on display on the album. It’s nice to have a quieter moment to retreat to.

The Independent and The Times have feature pieces on Welch. Lungs is out this week in the UK but North America will have to wait until October 13 to see a domestic release. Hopefully the delay means that the record will be properly promoted over here with touring and all that good stuff. Speaking of touring, Beirut are currently on the road and will be in town on July 9 for a sold out show at the Phoenix in support of their new EP March Of The Zapotec.

MP3: Florence & The Machine – “Postcards From Italy”
Video: Beirut – “Postcards From Italy”

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  1. SteveA says:

    Thanks for the write up on Florence. I have had Postcards from Italy for some time and had no idea what album or release it was from. In your article you mentioned the “School Sessions”- is that a released album?