Sunday, April 26th, 2009

The Kills cover Patsy Cline (and/or Willie Nelson)

Photo via iTunesiTunesThe Kills have been called a lot of things – punk, blues, rock, garage – but never country. So it was a bit of an eye/ear-opener when the duo opted to perform a Patsy Cline cover as part of an acoustic session they recorded for iTunes earlier this year. Even more surprising was that singer Alison Mosshart actually did the country classic some justice – that she’s got a pair of pipes is well-established, but till now she’s specialized in sounding sexy, raw and unhinged. Vulnerable and yearning – that’s new.

But don’t expect to see too much – or any – of this side on The Kills’ current tour, which rolls into The Phoenix next Thursday night, May 7. They’re still touring 2008’s greasily excellent Midnight Boom, whose seedy urban vibe is as far from the country as you can get. They’re also reissuing their 2003 debut Keep On Your Mean Side on May 5, bolstered with five bonus cuts.

There’s an extensive feature on Alison Mosshart at Interview Magazine.

MP3: The Kills – “Crazy”
Video: Patsy Cline – “Crazy”

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  1. Eddie says:

    Here’s an interesting question: is it a Patsy Cline cover or a Willie Nelson cover? Patsy recorded it first, but Willie wrote it and later recorded it. Did Willie cover Patsy Cline? Something tells me no, and no I am not being a smart ass! Your headline took me back a bit. Anyway, I love the blog, Frank. By far the best music blog out there. Keep up the good work (the concert reviews, album reviews, and all of your wonderful lists–they help me make good music choices).

    Oh, and it’s a nice cover too. Simply done, but still poignant–Willie wrote a few good tunes.


    Eddie Z.

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