Sunday, March 15th, 2009

Whoa Billy

Brand new single from Lucky Soul improves your quality of life

Photo via Ruffa LaneRuffa LaneHow’s your Sunday afternoon? Good? Enjoying the sun and warm weather? Well it just got a little bit better, because hot off the mixing desk, I have for you the new single from Lucky Soul.

The tune is called “Whoa Billy”, it’s going to be released as a single come May 4 and it is, in a word, divine. The ’60s throwback pop sound that made their debut The Great Unwanted one of my absolute favourite records of this century (not being hyperbolic either) is undiminished and is now accented with a bit of disco in the bridge… not enough to break out the glitter ball, but it does have an extra bit of swing in it. Need I come right out and say I love it? Didn’t think so.

The new album is targeted for a June release in the UK and at last update, had a working title of Dark Times Ahead – an ironic name if ever there was one, because with every listen it feels like Summer is just that much closer.

MP3: Lucky Soul – “Whoa Billy”

By : Frank Yang at 2:38 pm
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  1. Pete Nema says:

    That’s a bouncy feel-good song, if I ever heard one. Maybe just a small glitter ball would be appropriate?

  2. Dave says:

    Lucky Soul makes such great music. But they don’t even mention the song is available for download on their blog.

  3. Ryan K says:

    my heart is going to explode! fantastic!