Monday, December 22nd, 2008

Go! Canada

Canadian Music Fest 2009 reveals initial lineup

Photo via MySpaceMySpaceWhilst perusing the current issue of eye, I noticed something on the full-page announcement of the Bloc Party show at the Kool Haus on March 14 – an image and url for something called Canadian Music Fest. As it turns out, it wasn’t nearly as interesting as I’d initially hoped – just a rebrand of the venerable Canadian Music Week festivities, but with the live showcases now being presented under a slightly different banner than the conference/business-y side of things.

But what was more interesting was the fairly extensive list of artists already confirmed to play CMF/CMW/whatever the weekend of March 12 to 14, and I’m especially pleased to see that London’s 6 Day Riot are coming back to town. They beguiled this past June at NxNE and should do much the same on the return engagement, though I hope they’re prepared for a decidedly different climatological experience this time around. They’ll be spending the first bit of the new year in the studio recording album number two, so I look forward to hearing some new material.

And on the domestic side – it is a Canadian music fest, after all – expect appearances from Basia Bulat, Chad Van Gaalen, Angela Desveaux, Gentleman Reg, Human Highway, Malajube, The Acorn and The Rural Alberta Advantage, amongst many others.

Not playing this fest but hopefully coming to town sooner rather than later regardless are Woodpigeon – they’ll be releasing Treasury Library Canada on February 3 and have made available an MP3 both from it and the companion/bonus album Houndstooth Europa. They’ve also made a new video.

MP3: Woodpigeon – “Love In The Time Of Hopscotch”
MP3: Woodpigeon – “Oberkampf”
Video: Woodpigeon – “A Moment’s Peace for Mary Christa O’Keefe”

Toronto-based label Out Of This Spark will celebrate its second anniversary with a show at the Tranzac on January 10 featuring their entire lineup, which is to say The D’Urbervilles, Forest City Lovers, Timber Timbre and Jenny Omnichord. Admission is $8 with a canned food item, $10 without. And the same bill will be at the Albion Hotel in Guelph on January 16.

NME, Paste and Pitchfork talk to Win Butler about the new Arcade Fire film Miroir Noir, available now digitally and by the end of March as a DVD.

To mark the peculiar happening of “Halleleujah” placing both #1 and #2 on the UK singles charts this week (the former a cover of Jeff Buckley’s version of the song by some pop poppet, the latter Jeff Buckley’s version of the song), The Scotsman has a feature on Leonard Cohen and The Telegraph a list of the 20 most interesting things about the song that will pretty much ensure that Lenny’s financial troubles are a thing of the past.

Austin’s …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead will release The Century Of Self on February 17 and roll into Lee’s Palace on March 4, tickets $18.50.

That same day, February 17, Ben Folds is at the Kool Haus, $30.50 in advance.

Witch, who are notable largely for the fact that their drummer is one J Mascis, have a date at the Horseshoe on February 20. Tickets $10.50.

So Much Silence has graciously ripped an acoustic Hold Steady session at KEXP for your listening pleasure.

John Darnielle is offering up a handful of unreleased and really old Mountain Goats tracks for download in the spirit of the season in hopes you’ll “pay it forward”, as they say. If looking for a cause, may I suggest a donation to the Humane Society of Durham, which tragically burned down last week. Goodness knows they need the help right now.

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  1. J.S. says:

    Hm – apparently Leonard’s own version of “Halleleujah” is also on the UK charts at #36. But where’s the love for John Cale?

  2. Frank Yang says:

    that’s awesome. I have to admit I’m not a big fan of Leonard’s recording of it – his production choices have always been dubious and in the 80s, it was even worse. But it’s an amazing song regardless.

  3. Alva says:

    Jamie ftw..

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