Sunday, October 19th, 2008

Sunday Cleaning - Volume 100

Hearts Of Palm UK, Hospital Bombers

Hearts Of Palm UK / For Life (Hypnote)

For the record, the “UK” part of the name is all affectation – there’s was territorial trademark tussle and the trio hails from California. There’s not even much overtly Anglophilic in their sound, which is a twinkling example of electro-chamber pop more comparable to the likes of The Postal Service or Au Revoir Simone, though not as peppy as the former or as dreamy as the latter. Built on Erica Electra’s downcast lyrics and delicately worn vocals, burbling synths and beats more suited to shuffling than dancing,, For Life is beautiful in sound and melancholic in mood, evoking the feel of an Autumn day where the sun may shine, but the chill in the air remains.

MP3: Hearts Of Palm UK – “People & Logistics”
MP3: Hearts Of Palm UK – “I Flow”
Video: Hearts Of Palm UK – “People & Logistics”
MySpace: Hearts Of Palm UK

Hospital Bombers / Footnotes (Saved By Radio)

I didn’t need to read the bio for Amsterdam’s Hospital Bombers to know they hold the Mountain Goats in high regard. Besides the fact that their name is taken from the lyrics of “The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton”, the influence of John Darnielle is evident in every one of vocalist Jan Schenk’s nasal bleats (this is not criticism, just description). And while it’s not really possible to emulate Darnielle’s songwriting, the quartet – self-proclaimed deliverers of “stadium folk” – do manage to replicate some of the manic, playful energy of mid-period Goats with a delivery that’s suitably dry though seasoned with a blend of New Wave and orchestral flavours. Combined with a certain distinctive Euro-ness, the Bombers ensure that for all their idol worship, they remain their own band. If you don’t like the Goats in the first place, however, you may want to just move on.

Footnotes will be released in North America on Tuesday and they play Sneaky Dee’s next Wednesday night, October 29.

MP3: Hospital Bombers – “Neighbourhood”
MySpace: Hospital Bombers

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