Tuesday, August 5th, 2008

(Don't Go Back To) Rockville

Photo by Frank Yang

Actually, I have no idea what R.E.M. had against Rockville, though I don’t know whether the song was actually about the Maryland one. I just spent a rather relaxing long weekend there, visiting family and generally being offline – my Aunt doesn’t have an internet connection though I did check my mail Friday night from an Apple Store. But I think this was the longest I’ve been without an internet fix in something like five or six years, and it was actually quite nice. But not something I’m going to be making a habit of.

One thing that Rockville has going for it is that it’s right on the Metro line, so I was able to disengage from the relations on Sunday and head into the District proper for a little sightseeing and hanging out with Information Leafblower. We hit up the new Spy Museum, which started off kinda cheesy but got really interesting as it went along. Other than that, took a leisurely stroll along the Mall from Capitol Hill to the World War II Memorial, with a quick stop in the Air & Space Museum along the way, somewhere I hadn’t been in probably decades. Still looks about the same.

I got back into town a few hours later than intended last night. I spent most of Monday sitting in Dulles airport watching my flight get delayed over and over again in 10-15 minute increments. At one point, United Airlines had five flights slated to depart from my gate within a span of 45 minutes. Obviously this wasn’t going to end well. And after we finally got on our plane, we sat on the tarmac for another hour waiting for who knows what. On the plus side, they managed to shave what was scheduled to be an hour-forty flight down to a tidy hour.

The net result of all this is that after sifting through all my emails and all my RSS feeds, I see nothing that requires immediate blogging attention so I’m going to defer doing anything of consequence till tomorrow, though this whole week will probably be a big of a mess thanks to stuff going on at work and whatnot.

In other words, holiday extended one more day. Back tomorrow.

And sorry about the malfunctioning MP3 of the week the last couple days. Typo. Fixed now.

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  1. Chris says:

    Song was apparently about some girl in Athens who was indeed from Rockville, Md.

  2. William says:

    Love that photo!