Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

Excuse Me, I Believe You Have My Stapler

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Apologies for the mid-week housecleaning post, but real life is winning the battle for my brain right now and I can’t really think at the moment.

Billboard has details on the eighth volume of Bob Dylan’s consistently wonderful Bootleg SeriesTell Tale Signs, which covers has rarities and live recordings from his recent works will be out October 7 in a standard two CD or four LP set or in a fancy pants, super-pricey three disc set that comes with a hardcover book. Details at the pre-order site. Dylan is at Copps in Hamilton on August 20.

Daytrotter is featuring the tracks from a session with Margot & The Nuclear So And Sos that aren’t going to appear on their just-released The Daytrotter Sessions EP, which is available for sale (!) at the usual online outlets as well as at Think Indie-affiliated retail outlets. Call this set the Not Daytrotter Sessions, and between the two of them, they’re your best opportunity get acquainted with their new material before they roll into the Horseshoe on August 6. The new album(s) Animal! and Not Animal will be released on October 7. The Cleveland Free Times talks about the strange arrangement about the release of the album(s) with frontman Richard Edwards.

The Phoenix talks to Wolf Parade, in town at the Kool Haus on August 9.

Pitchfork interviews Constantines, set to play day one of V Fest, September 6 on the Toronto Islands.

Two Hours Traffic are back – again – for a show at Lee’s Palace on September 26, tickets $8.50. Those boys certainly do come through town a lot, though this time there’s a bit of an ulterior motive for being here… perhaps hoping to drive back to PEI with a giant cheque in the trunk?

Exclaim!, AOL Music Canada and profile Broken Social soloist Brendan Canning. He also gives Pitchfork a guest list of stuffs. And there’s another track from Something For All Of Us… available for grabsies.

MP3: Brendan Canning – “Churches Under the Stairs”

The Awkward Stage, whose Slimming Mirrors, Flattering Lights I reviewed last month, have created a video for every song on the album viewable at YouTube. Chart also has an interview.

The Long Blondes talk to Chart about how, circa Couples, none of them are couples any longer. The band is currently in drydock as guitarist Dorian Cox is still recovering from a stroke earlier this Summer.

Thanks to Antville for pointing the way to the winner of the contest to make a video for Lightspeed Champion’s “Everyone I Know Is Listening To Crunk”. Super-cute.

Video: Lightspeed Champion – “Everyone I Know Is Listening To Crunk”

The Montreal Gazette talks to Radiohead’s Colin Greenwood. Radiohead are at the Molson Amphitheatre on August 15.

The Charlatans show at the Mod Club on October 10 has been cancelled. That listing lasted just long enough to get me sort of excited about the show. Thanks a lot.

NME, via YouTube, has a rather frank post-gig analysis with My Bloody Valentine in Benicassim. They’re at the Ricoh Coliseum on September 25.

Using the MBV reunion as a launching point, Exclaim! attempts to chart the history and legacy of shoegazing.

M83 have a new video. They’re at the Opera House on November 20.

Video: M83 – “Kim & Jessie”

I’m thinking about getting an iPhone. Is that stupid? I need a cellphone plan that’s more flexible than my current by-the-minute one since I’ve ditched my landline. I also need a new phone. I would like to not have to carry around a cellphone, PDA and iPod as I currently do. I would like to have it sync tidily with my Mac. I would not like to be locked into a 3-year contract with a company as on-the-record evil as Rogers (I’d go with Fido – minor/negligible diff but their evenings start earlier) but my objections to them are more in principle than anything. I could handle the contract term and cost without much difficulty. And it’s so shiny. Thoughts?

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  1. Greg says:

    Get the iPhone. It will accomplish what you want and everything will be at your fingertips. Good luck finding stock though!!

  2. Jim says:

    iLove my iPhone. Do iT, you’ll be lad you did.

  3. danieljosef says:


    Get it (the iPhone that is).

    It’s made my life much easier, I now only carry the iPhone instead of a cell/iPod/day timer…the calendar sync and contact syncs with your Mac work perfectly, and for a cellphone camera, it takes great photos! I would suggest getting the 16g if you can.

  4. Neil says:

    I’m on Fido now and it’s much nicer – besides the per-second billing, all incoming calls (no matter where they come from) are free on a number of plans, and evenings start at 7pm. Rogers charges you extra for incoming (it comes off of your minutes) AND you get dinged for long distance if it’s from outside your calling area, so that in itself makes a huge difference for me.

    The iPhone is really nice, but the current firmware isn’t great, especially compared to how trouble free the 1G phone was. Still, I love mine. But I’m a fanboy so that’s no surprise, right?

    P.S. Fido tends to have stock of the 16G as well.

  5. J.P. says:

    I’m gonna rain on all the iPhone love…. Several friends have already returned theirs because the battery life was/is atrocious. They couldn’t get through the day w/out recharging, sometimes several times per day. Guess it all depends on what all you’re gonna use it for, but it seems pretty hinky to hafta recharge all the time just to use all of the built-in features. Obviously, YMMV!
    Here’s something that ran in the Wa-Post a few days ago that mirrors my friend’s complaints:

  6. Michael says:

    I think I’d agree with everyone above. It’s a fantastic unit. The App store is ridiculously addictive, and it’s amazing what developers have been able to do with the built-in accelerometer (e.g. try the free Aurora Feint and Labyrinth LE games to see what I mean). However, the iPhone firmware is still buggy as are many of the applications, and battery life is pretty bad if 3G is left on (I need to charge twice a day, using 3G, apps, Wifi & GPS).

    I went to the flagship Fido store in the Eaton Centre. The service I received was excellent – they were very knowledgeable and friendly…. AND they had the 16Gb model in stock five days after the launch. Ask for the $20 plan that gives 150 daytime minutes and unlimited weekends and evenings…. it was the best commercial plan I was able to find. It was a promotional plan and I’m not sure if it’s still offered. Sign up for the iPhone $15 package (texting, visual voicemail, call display, etc.) and you will get the first month free – after which you can just cancel it without penalty if you find you don’t need it. Downside of Fido is you have to pay extra (either per-minute or $5/month unlimited) if you make calls outside the original Fido footprint and start using the Rogers network.

    By contrast, the Rogers stores were all sold out of the 16Gb in that initial week, their employees seemed exhausted (understandably) and, well, I share the same reservations about them as you.