Saturday, July 5th, 2008

CONTEST – The Duke Spirit / Neptune

Photo by Ben Corrigan

My first couple times through The Duke Spirit’s second album Neptune, way back in March, my impressions were that it was a remarkably unremarkable record. Certainly passable straight ahead rock, but nothing especially distinctive. A revisit some months later… and still not much to speak of.

When I saw them live a few years back I was impressed by their energy onstage, but don’t think any of their songs stuck with me and again, that’s the case. Neptune‘s garage/blues-rock is proficiently played with some interesting production flourishes and all delivered with the requisite amount of energy to make you believe the band is fully invested, but nothing jumps out as being exceptional. They display some decent melodic instincts on the piano-led “My Sunken Treasure” but don’t indulge it often enough, preferring to lean on the tried and true (or should that be “tired”?) rawk. If I had actually expected anything of this record, I’d probably be disappointed but as it is, I’m mostly just indifferent.

But hey, if you like them don’t let me harsh on your buzz. Courtesy of Filter, I’ve got three prize packs consisting of a Duke Spirit t-shirt, a copy of Neptune on CD, an instrumental-only mix of Neptune on CD (for DIY karaoke?) and a copy of Neptune on LP, autographed by the band. If you want, email me at contests AT with “I’ve got the Duke Spirit” in the subject line and your full name, mailing address and t-shirt size in the body. Hopefully the prize fulfillment elves will be able to provide a properly-fitting garment. Contest closes in one week, July 12, and is open to whomever, wherever.

The Duke Spirit talk to Spinner and GigWise and are setting out on an American tour in a couple weeks.

MP3: The Duke Spirit – “Lassoo”
Video: The Duke Spirit – “Lassoo”
Video: The Duke Spirit – “The Step & The Walk”
MySpace: The Duke Spirit

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