Wednesday, February 20th, 2008

On And On And On

Photo by Charles Harris

So there hasn’t been much Wilco talk hereabouts lately, but maybe this’ll make up for it some. They’re playing the last of their five-night stand at the Riviera in Chicago tonight and will be webcasting the whole thing via their Roadcase. The stream starts at 7PM Central time, so 8PM Eastern, and the show itself a half-hour later.

These are the shows, incidentally, where the band has been reaching way back into their catalog and airing out songs from A.M., Being There, Summerteeth and generally all the records that you’ve never heard the current lineup on so since it’s doubtful that anyone reading this is actually on their way out to the concert, this is your next best option. Though I’m sure every note of these shows is being recorded either officially or unofficially and will be heard sooner or later.

By : Frank Yang at 6:59 pm
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  1. claire says:

    wish i had seen this sooner – stuck at the office.

    i certainly hope that these shows are being recorded, and well recorded. i had the privilege of going monday and last night and all i can say is: holy mother of god. last night especially, damn. (although it lacked the previous night’s extended cameo by andrew bird, which was the sonic equivalent of chocolate and peanut butter.) being a chicagoan, i had actually, blasphemously, gotten a little bit of wilco live fatigue these last couple of years (probably owing to their sleepy (musically), dusty (literally) set at lolla ’06) but since these shows, i temporarily forgot that other bands exist.

    i AM pretty sure that last night was being filmed by someone, however . . .

    sorry to make anyone out there feel like they missed out. . .but you did. :)

  2. Sasha says:

    Show’s are being recorded by tapers, and with great quality too I might add. I already have the 1st 4 nights, and I suspect the last one will be available at some point today. I use, but you need to register…i’m sure has links to torrents too.

    Haven’t gone through it all yet, but sounds like they were a great set of shows. Is there any doubt Wilco are at their absolute peak in terms of live performance right now??

  3. bobfrombob says:

    When these shows were announced, I figured there was no way I could really afford them, either in terms of time or money. After listening to the stream and the simulcast, and reading of experiences like claire’s and others, I figure if this happens next year (as Jeff promised it would last night), I figure there’s no way I can possibly miss it.

    And yes, there may actually be some doubt as to whether Wilco is at its peak – since I’ve been convinced for about the past 18 months they are at their peak and they just keep getting better. Scary.