Friday, January 4th, 2008


Typically, the turnaround time for my receiving a press release-y email to getting around to listening to whatever it’s pimping to formulating some sort of response to actually writing something is on the order of months. But this little gem gets the express treatment because a) it’s from Merge and they have a bit of a track record for releasing good music, b) I’m trying out a New Year’s resolution of sorts to get to music faster – either to relish it or rubbish it, whichever, but not leave it in a never-ending queue, c) it’s a slow day and d) it’s pretty dang good.

The band is Wye Oak, they’re from Baltimore and they used to be called Monarch. They’re a duo who look like they’re barely out of school and they sound like they’ve been marinating in my CD collection, with one foot in a bucket of fuzzy noise pop, the other in a pail of introspective folkiness and held together with sweet co-ed vocals. Their debut is called If Children and is out on April 8. Something to look forward to more of.

MP3: Wye Oak – “Warning”

The New York Dolls, at least both the remaining living original members, will be in town at The Phoenix on February 18. I’m under the impression that this is one of the reunion acts that isn’t an embarrassment and may well be worth your $29.50 plus service charge.

If you can’t make it to the Nada Surf in-store at Sonic Boom next Wednesday night, take heart – they’ll be back for a show at the Opera House on April 7. On the downside, it’ll cost you $16.50 more and be considerably less intimate but on the upside, it’ll last longer than half an hour and feature electricity.

Other shows – Spectrum plays a proper show (not just DJ-ing) at the Silver Dollar on February 2, Vampire Weekend, whose self-titled debut is out January 29, return for a show at the Horseshoe on February 11 and hailing from Los Angeles (but sounding more Paris), Eleni Mandell is in town at the El Mocambo on February 16, tickets $10.50.

The Independent Mail discusses the Drive-By Truckers’ latest Brighter Than Creations Dark with Patterson Hood. The Truckers roll into the Opera House on March 19.

The List talks to Steve Earle, in town at Massey Hall on March 4. Hey, did anyone tape/TIVO/whatever his Live At The Rehearsal Hall show this past Tuesday? Anyone?

Drowned In Sound checks in on how their picks for the hot new acts for 2007 actually made out. Interesting that the two Canadian acts on the list – The Besnard Lakes and Patrick Watson – arguably had the best year out of the lot. Though I guess Klaxons did alright with that whole, “winning the Mercury Prize” thing.

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  1. Brad says:

    Any idea if there are advance tickets for the Spectrum show, or is it just at the door?

  2. Frank says:

    unsure. check out this thread:
    for info

  3. ryan97ou says:

    Wye Oak is great. I have been following them since march (i am from baltimore) and was so glad to hear that merge picked them up. good good stuff.