Thursday, December 27th, 2007

Next Year's Model

One of the best things about the end of 2007 is that now we can turn our microscopic attention spans to the class of 2008, the acts that whose creative blood will grease the gears of music reportage. Not surprisingly, the UK press has already begun setting the stage for their new musical heroes of ’08, with The Guardian soliciting predictions of who’ll be the next big thing from label folks, media folks and artists who’ve already worn that particular sash. AllMediaScotland limits their survey to a representative from HMV who offers up a lengthy list of acts, both domestic and imported, that they expect to make waves of some sort over the next twelve months.

One of which was already put on my radar by a friend over a game of Facebook Scrabulous (challenges always welcome), and that’s Glasgow’s GlasVegas. Already garnering no small amount of praise from the likes of Alan McGee who, in a quote you’re likely to see a lot if they do indeed deliver, called them the “best Scottish band of the last 20 years”. McGee is no stranger to hyperbole but in GlasVegas’ case, there could be something to it. The four-piece deliver Spector-sound doo-wop with leather and pompadour, tough-guy angst, leaning against a Jesus And Mary Chain wall of sound. Obviously all the superlatives need to be taken with some salt but based on the samples on their MySpace – only a single has officially been released and an album isn’t expected till next Summer – there’s definitely something there.

The Guardian speaks highly of them, The Scotsman has not one but two recent interviews with frontman James Allan, as does The Daily Record. And A Certain Romance has got four home demos from the band still available to download from a post made almost a year ago proclaiming the band’s greatness.

Video: GlasVegas – “Daddy’s Gone”
MySpace: GlasVegas

Meanwhile, eye forecasts the year that will be on a more local level, including a release date for the new album from Forest City Lovers – March 11. They’re playing as part of a massive New Year’s Eve bash at the Tranzac which, if you’re still looking for something to do, is certainly your best entertainment value (tickets $10 in advance).

As for what I’m personally looking forward to in ’08, obviously out of already known quantities, I can say that the new British Sea Power album Do You Like Rock Music?, out February 12, is a scorcher and a half. Also really looking forward to hearing the new Radio Dept, already overdue as far as the last status update is concerned, and new works from Doves, American Music Club (The Golden Age, out February 19) and DeVotchKa‘s A Mad And Faithful Telling, out March 18, will also be welcomed with open arms. And that’s just a very random sampling. Stereogum has been trying to keep a running list of forthcoming releases worth watching. But, like every year, it’s the stuff that I have no idea whatsoever about presently that will be most exciting. Just watch.

The Sydney Morning Herald discusses the life and times of Sufjan Stevens.

Take-Away Shows rolls tape with Jens Lekman.

Will Sheff of Okkervil River discusses sandwiches, groupies and porn with Nerve. Of course.

Gibson Guitars solicits thoughts on acoustic guitar tone woods from Mountain Goat John Darnielle. Why they got him to pose with a Les Paul for those photos, I’ve no idea but I’d love to see him break it out onstage sometime. Foot on the monitor, John. You know you want to. Heretic Pride is out February 19.

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  1. TitoP says:

    There’s so much to look forward to in ’08, but Devotchka’s new one is the release I am anticipating most. Brilliant title, and they seem on the verge of taking the lead from sound-alikes like Beirut, et al..

  2. Ricky Lam says:

    the new british sea power album is awesoooooooome.