Monday, December 24th, 2007

Are You Coming Over For Christmas?

Taking a quick break from my, uh, break to bring your attention to this time-limited offer. Stuart Murdoch of Belle & Sebastian has taken a break from his calendar-curating and musical-writing and scoring activities to round up the band to record a new holiday tune called “Are You Coming Over For Christmas?”, a jazzy little duet between himself and guest vocalist Celia Garcia.

You can currently stream it from their website and which they’ll be making available to download from their MySpace starting at midnight tonight (GMT, so that’s 7PM EST) until midnight tomorrow (GMT again, so once again 7PM EST – adjust for your own time zone accordingly), thereby guaranteeing this will be a staple of blogger Christmas mixes for years to come. And if you learn the lyrics, you can sing it as a carol. Or not.

And if you’re curious what Murdoch has been doing instead of writing a new B&S record, his film already has a title and website – God Help The Girl – and a MySpace where you can hear some of the songs. And you can buy that Glasgow-lovin’ calendar here.

Thanks to For The Records for drawing my attention to this. Okay, back to vacation time (I have gotten so much sleep this weekend it’s ridiculous. I think I feel well-rested for the first time in a year). Have a good one, everyone.

By : Frank Yang at 9:19 am
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  1. mike says:

    Your welcome Frank. Happy Holidays & happy boxing day shopping! I might check out Jenn Grant at The Drake on the 28th but maybe not…I’ll play it by ear.

  2. Lisa says:

    I was reminded of the release by Filthy Little Angels when I read this. Tis the Season to Be Filthy…