Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Postcards And Palm Trees

Continuing a peculiar trend of concert-going on Sunday nights, I swung by The Boat this weekend to check out Edmonton’s Tim Gilbertson, whose self-titled debut I wrote up a few weeks ago.

Though demonstrating some impressive songwriting chops – particularly considering how young he is – I wasn’t necessarily expecting a life-changing live set and that’s pretty much how things played out. On the plus side, the live setting gave the material a welcome dose of organic-ness and spontaneity. While the record is far from overproduced, it does sound very precise, very studio-y. The slop of a live band was a welcome new dimension to the material.

On the negative side, the relative green-ness of the band was pretty evident. While granted, an audience that could generously be described as light doesn’t necessarily bring out one’s inner showman, there was a sort of nonchalance to their stage presence that didn’t really do the material justice. Also along those same lines, I really question the inclusion of two covers in the set – not because I’m against covers, obviously I love ’em – but the last thing the world needs are more Neil Young and Beatles covers, especially when the album you’re ostensibly promoting has a wealth of great material that should be showcased. Leave the bar band material to the bar bands.

In case it’s unclear, all criticisms are meant to be constructive – I really believe Gilbertson has got some serious talent, an opinion reinforced every time I listen to the record and further appreciate how strong the material is. I hope that next time they swing through town, the live performance has evolved to the point that it can do the songs proper justice.

Photos: Tim Gilbertson @ The Boat – October 28, 2007
MP3: Tim Gilbertson – “Palm Trees & Postcards”
MP3: Tim Gilbertson – “Get Going”

Tim Bracy talks to Harp about the sad end of the Mendoza Line and there’s a much more in-depth feature on the last days of the band in the new Magnet.

LiveDaily and The Arizona Daily Wildcat, The Crimson White and The Temple News talk to Josh Ritter.

It’s Sadies saturation this weekend – in addition to the Friday night at Lee’s/Saturday night at the ‘Shoe double-header, they’re now doing an in-store at Rotate This on Friday night at 6PM to go along with their Saturday afternoon in-store at Sonic Boom (which is now at 4:30PM, not 1PM as originally scheduled).

Austin360 deduces the secret to Okkervil River’s success and as a sidebar, offer 14 facts you might not have known about Will Sheff.

Nicole Atkins gives Spinner a video guided tour of Asbury Park and shows AOL Music around Charlotte, North Carolina and New York City. Did you see her on Letterman last night? Stunning. If/when I find a clip of it online, I shall post it. She’s at Lee’s Palace on November 18. Update: Head to Indieblogheaven to watch. Thanks!

Video: Nicole Atkins & The Sea – “The Way It Is” (live on The Late Show with David Letterman – October 30, 2007)

The Guardian documents the downside of being the Arcade Fire while drummer Jeremy Gara talks to This Is Nottingham.

The Northwest Herald talks to The Hold Steady’s Tad Kubler.

Drive-By Trucker Patterson Hood tries to describe Brighter Than Creation’s Dark, out January 22, to Express.

The Irish Times profiles The National.

Drowned In Sound invites Jarvis Cocker to read a Hallowe’en story (it’s a 14-minute MP3).

Stylus calls it a day, offering farewells, reminiscences and the first best-of ’07 list of any consequence. Thanks guys, you’ll be missed.

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