Sunday, September 30th, 2007

Pop Preview – The Brother Kite

And here we have the final installment of my previews for the Bleating Heart Shows at Pop Montreal next week. Having talked to Danielle Duval, My Dad Vs Yours and The Airfields already, we finish up with our guests from “The Ocean State” that’s not really an island, Rhode Island’s The Brother Kite, represented here by guitarist Jon Downs.

1) Inspect your official Pop Montreal bio below and respond. How accurately do you think they capture the essence of your band?

Since when did Johnny Marr and Brian Wilson decide to crash Belle and Sebastian’s last recording session? This is America’s The New Pornographers.

Very interesting. They did a fine job.

2) Given the same approximate amount of space to write your own bio, what would it be?

A modified AllMusic bio sums up our history pretty well:

Providence, RI’s the Brother Kite had their beginnings in the collaboration between musicians Patrick Boutwell and Jon Downs in 2001, but the group itself didn’t come together until the following year with the addition of bassist Andrea Mason and guitarist Mark Howard. The group released a split 7″ with Vaguely Starshaped in 2003 and followed it up with their first full-length, thebrotherkite, the following year. They recruited drummer Matt Rozzero soon after that, and recorded their second full-length, Waiting for the Time to Be Right, an album that cobbled together the band’s trademark shoegaziness with psychedelic power pop reminiscent of Smiley Smile-era Brian Wilson.

3) Besides playing the best showcase of the festival, what else do you plan to do with your time in Montreal?

We haven’t been to Montreal in a couple years, so there is plenty of sigh-seeing to be done. Any recommendations? I’ve heard Canadian strip clubs are all-nude, but we’re far to shy to take advantage of that.

4) Why should festival-goers come see your show over all others going on at the same time?

Many of the acts at the festival play Montreal quite frequently. But TBK visits are few and far between (unfortunately). So if you like us, you shouldn’t miss it. And we can’t promise this, but it looks like we’ll probably be selling our new EP at the show (providing they arrive in time) which we’re not supposed to sell until November 6th.

MP3: The Brother Kite – “Get On Me”
Video: The Brother Kite – “I’m Not The Only One” (YouTube)
MySpace: The Brother Kite

The Brother Kite plays on October 4 at 11PM at the Green Room (5390 St-Laurent) le Gymanse (4177 rue St-Denis), admission is $8 at the door or free with a Pop Montreal bracelet.

Show poster by Cheryl Cheung

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