Friday, September 28th, 2007

Pop Preview – My Dad Vs Yours

Welcome to part two of my Bleating Heart Shows preview for Pop Montreal next week. I started things off yesterday with a mini-interview with Danielle Duval and continue today with Tom Herbert of Ottawa’s My Dad Vs Yours. Still to come, The Brother Kite and The Airfields.

1) Inspect your official Pop Montreal bio below and respond. How accurately do you think they capture the essence of your band?

I love this band, I love this band, I love this band. In this biographer’s humble opinion, this is the best music in Canada these days. My Dad vs. Yours isn’t afraid of a great pop melody here and there and a little hand-clapping between their instrumental post-rock experimentation. Honestly, can you think of anything better?

Yeah it was a pretty nice review! We’re not used to such flattery. At first we thought it was sarcasm. Actually we’re still a little suspicious. Above all it was nice for somebody to finally appreciate the hard work that went into our hand claps.

2) Given the same approximate amount of space to write your own bio, what would it be?

My Dad vs Yours force down post-rock barricades to a state where pop melodies take precedence over orchestral crescendos; where electronic beats, slide guitar and shoegaze co-exist in vibrant harmony; where instrumentals can incite sing-alongs.

3) Besides playing the best showcase of the festival, what else do you plan to do with your time in Montreal?

Unfortunately, we won’t be spending too much time in Montreal since we have to drive straight back to Ottawa as we have a show on Friday. We may come back Saturday to take advantage of the free passes and see some shows. Also, whenever I’m in Montreal I always try to go to the Biodome and look at the penguins.

4) Why should festival-goers come see your show over all others going on at the same time?

This is our first show with our new keyboardist / violinist who will really add to our live sound. Also for one night only there will be a 5% discount on all mydadvsyours merchandise!

MP3: My Dad Vs Yours – “Bellicose”
Video: My Dad Vs Yours – “No Farm No Food No Future” (YouTube)
MySpace: My Dad Vs Yours

My Dad Vs Yours plays on October 4 at 9PM at the Green Room (5390 St-Laurent) le Gymanse (4177 rue St-Denis), admission is $8 at the door or free with a Pop Montreal bracelet.

Show poster by Cheryl Cheung

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