Thursday, September 27th, 2007

Pop Preview – Danielle Duval

So as everyone (should) know, I’m curating a showcase at Pop Montreal next week as part of something that Said The Gramophone, I Heart Music have dubbed The Bleating Heart Shows. Mine goes down on Thursday, October 4 and features a lineup of The Brother Kite, The Airfields, My Dad Vs Yours and Danielle Duval.

To help get you acquainted with the artists and perhaps convince festivalgoers to drop in for a set or two (or four), I sent all the acts a quick little questionnaire giving them the task of talking about themselves and the city that’s hosting this fine event. Anyway, enough of my jibber-jabber.

1) Inspect your official Pop Montreal bio below and respond. How accurately do you think they capture the essence of your band?

Danielle Duval describes her music as “super kickass heart touching rock wrenching power chic,” and she’s got the pipes to stand behind such a heavy eight-word title. Countrified rock sound sets the perfect background for her powerful Sheryl Crow delivery.

The “super kickass heart touching rock wrenching power chic,” thing was actually coined by our British bloke of a manager who hails from a small and rough part of the UK. Let your imagination run with that.

When they say pipes, are they referring to my vocal chords or the strapping sets of biceps that belong to the boys in the band (Mike, Warren, Simeon).

2) Given the same approximate amount of space to write your own bio, what would it be?

We approach the way we play music much like a spartan would approach battle, except without the fight, we do it like it could be our last night on the planet. I sing with the kind of gut and heart wrenching lost and found love that can only come from the personal experience of the above mentioned. My voice also possesses an edginess that ensues from a night spent in heated, passionate conversation. We are four friends who like to keep it interesting with every new show we do.

3) Besides playing the best showcase of the festival, what else do you plan to do with your time in Montreal?

May have to ship in and ship out, but if I had things my way the list would begin with this:

Caribou, Cody Chestnutt, Patti Smith, and always Ron Sexsmith.

Then of course there would be breakfast at “L’Avenue”, coffee at Open Da Night, worldly discussions at Le Pistol, and a swim at the Y. My list ends with Thanksgiving dinner at my cousin’s log cabin with the family.

4) Why should festival-goers come see your show over all others going on at the same time?

Hey, there’s a lot of great music to choose from. But we’re playing a searing rock show with melodic crescendos included as early as 8pm. When do you ever see those words in the same sentence ever!

MP3: Danielle Duval – “Bright Galactic”
MySpace: Danielle Duval

Danielle Duval plays on October 4 at 8PM at the Green Room (5390 St-Laurent) le Gymanse (4177 rue St-Denis), admission is $8 at the door or free with a Pop Montreal bracelet. Check out the wonderful poster for the show from Cheryl Cheung.

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