Friday, August 3rd, 2007

Unless It's Kicks

So I’m still trying to get on some sort of schedule after losing the weekend to Hillside, so no great meme to today’s post. Just some link clearing as I try to crawl into the long weekend. And while normally I’d be thrilled about having Monday off – and I am, don’t get me wrong – I’m also a bit frustrated because that means one day that I won’t be getting mail delivery and thus one day that my copy of Okkervil River’s The Stage Names remains in some sweltering Canada Post warehouse and not in my CD player (unless, of course, it shows up today in which case I shall be as happy as a little girl).

The album is officially out on Tuesday and technically, I – and you – can hear it right now, as the band is streaming the whole thing off their MySpace but that’s not how I want to hear the record, one of two that had the inside track on January 1 for title of “album of the year”, for the first time. I want that thing busting out my speakers like the Kool-Aid Man. Oh yeah. But just because I’m all picky about that stuff doesn’t mean you should be – go listen now to an album that eye just gave five out of five to. Or join me in my mailbox vigil over the weekend with the one officially-released MP3 on repeat. They’re in town at Lee’s Palace on September 21 and then in Hamilton at the Pepper Jack Cafe on September 22. See you at both.

MP3: Okkervil River / The Stage Names

Mr Jason Isbell has been getting a lot of press while on tour for Sirens Of The Ditch – witness interviews with The Georgia Straight, Seattle Weekly, The Portland Mercury and The Arizona Star. And yes, they almost all certainly cover the same ground. What can you do.

The Vancouver Sun talks to Ryan Adams and finds him “rambling — and at times, incoherent”. Good ol’ Ryan – still crazy. Westword also has an extensive interview.

Tunde Adebimpe tells The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette the long and winding story of TV On The Radio.

The Age chats with Britt Daniel of Spoon.

Rogue Wave will be at the Mod Club on October 26 in support of their new record Asleep At Heaven’s Gate, out September 18.

A couple of high-profile Canadian bands are trying novel new ways to combat pre-release leaks of their upcoming albums. Stars’ Torquil Campbell discusses with MTV their decision to release their new record In Our Bedroom After The War two and a half months before the CD release date of September 25. There’s also an EPK movie available to watch below.

Video: Stars / In Our Bedroom After The War electronic press kit

The New Pornographers, on the other hand, opted to give fans who pre-ordered Challengers before its street date of August 21 access to a stream of the album and a slew of bonus materials including some non-album MP3s. That was the carrot – Carl Newman tells JAM about having to wield the stick when some of those bonus MP3s began appearing on blogs. Congratulations, by the way, to Newman who’s getting hitched this weekend. The New Pornographers are at the Phoenix on October 21.

And while on the subject of leaks, Spin has an interesting piece on just where, when and how albums leak to the internet. Via Idolator.

SpaceLab profiles indie label Secretly Canadian as well as sister labels Jagjaguwar and Dead Oceans.

And finally, thanks to Muzzle Of Bees for tipping me off that registration for SxSW 2008 is open – and I’m already registered and have a hotel booked. Sure, it’s seven months early but it’s not going to get any cheaper. I’m going whole hog next year – badge, downtown hotel, swag bag, the whole nine yards. Past years I’ve tried to do it on the cheap and it’s just never been all that cheap and certainly not worth the stress. So it might be costing me a few bucks more, but come next March you WON’T see me begging anyone for a wristband. For a change.

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  1. zipzapzopzoup says:

    I think you missed a tag dude.

  2. Frank says:

    actually I was missing a quote. But thanks (if I caught what I think you were pointing out).

  3. David Lay says:

    man you gotta love Ryan Adams…his craziness is what makes him great…I saw Ryan and the Cardinals this week in Salt Lake… Great talent! If you like you can check out my <a href="…" title="Cold Leftovers – Concert Review">Concert Review</a> at Cold Leftovers.

  4. Bailey says:

    It seems like the first part of a sentence was missed in the paragraph about The New Pornographers.

  5. blonde on blonde says:

    Speaking of cool new music the Lovemakers have finally released their new CD. Their new CD is really great, lots of fun with a great combination of rock and dance. Their new single Whine and Dine is great, and check out the video for it cause it’s really great. You can learn more about them at

  6. Frank says:

    ohhh…. yeah. missing quote again.

    great. street team spam.

  7. Nav says:

    The Stage Names rules.

  8. Nav says:

    ‘one of two that had the inside track on January 1 for title of "album of the year"’

    What’s the other one?

  9. Chuck says:

    Rogue Wave!

  10. Frank says:

    Nav – that would have been The National.