Tuesday, July 3rd, 2007

CONTEST – Built To Spill @ Lee's Palace – July 10 and 11, 2007

So as mentioned in this week’s MP3 Of The Week writeup, next week will mark Built To Spill’s first-ever Toronto dates. Which is just crazy considering they’ve played Buffalo lots of times. BUFFALO. But regardless, it’s happening even if it’s taken them 15-odd years to get around to it. Next Tuesday and Wednesday nights, Lee’s Palace will be host to some of the craziest-ass guitar orgies you ever did see, and courtesy of the good folks at Against The Grain, you could be there. Assuming you didn’t already get tickets which you really should have. I don’t know why I’m rewarding you for your sloth.

But anyway, I’ve got passes to give away. Two pairs, one for each night. And if you want em, you gotta leave me a comment below saying which night – Tuesday the 10th or the Wednesday the 11th – you want to go to and why it will be the best show of the two. Do you go for the historic moment of the first epic solo that Doug Martsch ever unleashes on Hogtown? Or do you think that they’ll be holding back that first night in order to let loose on the second? Inquiring minds want to know. Leave me your reasoning along with your full name and email and note that whatever night you are championing is the one you will be eligible for. No saying that night one is going to rock but you have to work so you’ll settle for night two. Stand by your opinion, dogs. Contest closes at midnight, July 7.

And oh yeah, CMJ has some info on a new 12″ single that Built To Spill is releasing on the 10th. It’s reggae.

Video: Built To Spill – “Conventional Wisdom” (YouTube)
MySpace: Built To Spill

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  1. Rick Martel says:

    Hey there,

    you know i am a big fan of this website and I check it every morning but I would like to say a few things about the following post. I have been a huge fan of Built to Spill for years and I will be attending the show in Toronto on the 10th. I live in Rochester, NY and I have seen the bad three times already. One was in Rochester, one was in Buffalo and one was in NYC. And of those first two shows, those are the only two times they have ever played Western New York…EVER (according to bts.23.com). I am not sure why this is the first time they have ever played Toronto but it is not far when I hair a lot of Toronto fans complaining about BTS not coming, consider a two things:

    1. They just played Buffalo last fall, which is only about a 90 minute drive from Toronto and it was on a Sat. And Rochester isn’t that much farther either (a little under 3 hours).

    2. You guys get every single other band in the world to come through your town! When was the last time you saw Radiohead or Sigur Ros or Belle and Sebastian or TV on the Radio or Wolf Parade or Spoon come through our neck of the woods (just to name a few)? Pretty much never. Every once in a while we will get a decent band in the area (Interpol, Jens Lekman, Modest Mouse, Ted Leo, etc), but those are mostly exceptions to the norm.

    Toronto is the closest place we got for great shows. So quite often my friends and I have to make the trek up there to see your shows. Which we don’t mind so much because we love the city and its a great place to see a show. But if we can venture up there all the time for your awesome shows, then I dont think Canadian fans have the right to complain if one band doesnt make the rounds up to Canada. Just a thought.

    I am looking forward to the show though. It will be great to see them at Lees. Probably be the smallest place I will ever see them. Take care.

  2. Chuck says:

    The show on the 10th will be my first big show in Toronto since moving from St. John’s (I leave on Friday) so I’m extra excited.
    For that reason alone, I should OF COURSE be a shoo-in to win the contest…..except that I already bought my ticket.

  3. c.mailman says:

    First show – when the first chord rings out you’ll be apart of a great moment.

  4. Paul says:

    I’ll go for night two – the 11th. Historically, any time I have gone to a show where it is part of a two night stand, night two is hailed as being superior. Plus I think more people will enter for night one.

  5. selena says:

    night one because they’ll have to play through the whole catalog to make up for lost tours. night two they’ll be tired from all the encores so they play only a short set.

    fingers crossed that’s the case!

  6. kari says:

    July 11th – night two. Since this is their first time in Toronto, they might feel a little tense on night one. On night two, they’ll be a lot more at ease and be able to focus on putting on a great show.

  7. Derek says:

    Night two – they’ll have some rest after travelling to T.O. for the first and kick some ass in the second show!

  8. ryan says:

    July 11…I predict that BTS will end the final encore with a blistering cover of Cortez the Killer (ala the live record) for which they will be joined on guitar by none other than Mr. Neil Young himself. Note: I claim no rational basis for such a prediction.

  9. Thierry says:

    I’ll go for night one (if I didn’t win Cat Power), because I can’t go to night two (I’m teaching at York until 10pm and won’t be back downtown in time) and would hate it if that were the better show and I wasn’t there!

  10. thomaus says:

    Tuesday…The first night will be the best for a few reasons. Local scribes interviewing BtS will guilt them out about not playing Toronto before, so the band will play extra hard to make up for it. An amazing show will transpire. Afterward, they will feel content and relaxed from the overwhelming crowd reaction. This, unfortunately will cause a slight let-up in energy on the second night, and their minds will start to wander to fond memories of Montreal (where they play on Thursday). Wednesday will be a decent show, and people will enjoy, but it won’t match up to Tuesday’s epic performance. Hopefully I will be there on the 10th.

  11. geoff says:

    this really is an easy one… the first show (TUESDAY) will most certinaly be the better of the two shows.

    reason 1) first show in Toronto ever. i don’t care how senior a band is, the first time you play a new city – especially one like Toronto, it’s going to be special. 2) leading out of reason 2, like it or not – the Tuesday show will have all the (lame?) ‘first time in Torooonnnto’ banter. not my cup, but no big deal. reason 3) they’ll be rested. as much as BtS are warriors of the road, they’ll be coming off a day off on Tuesday + will thus be better rested + extra amped to play. reason 4) carry the zero… i’m sure they play it every night, but getting to hear it ‘here’ first will definitely give the night that extra charm.

    Tuesday’s the night… count me in?

  12. Moira says:

    My first choice would be Tuesday, July 10, for the following reasons: 1. After years of eager anticipation, I feel I must see them the first night they are here. 2. If Tuesday’s show blows my mind, then I will have the option to buy tickets to see them Wednesday as well. 3. If Tuesday’s show blows my mind, and I can’t possibly take any more awesomeness, then Wednesday I will go see Harry Potter the night it opens, therefore guaranteeing me two consecutive nights of sublime entertainment.

    Thank you.

  13. Dimitri says:

    Tuesday. It’s their first time in Toronto, which would make it really special. Plus, I already have tickets for Wednesday to see them in all glory on day two :)

  14. Tom Gertner says:

    My choice would have to be Wednesday the 11th, Doug Martsch’s beard will be longer and thicker, and urban legend has it that his ability to shred on the guitar comes from within that very beard, thus with a longer and thicker beard the show will be that much better.

  15. Rob Mousseau says:

    night one – i want to see built to spill play the first of what will hopefully be many shows in toronto because as a fairly intense fan of facial hair i really and truly feel that i need to see the torontonian unveiling of doug’s gloriously unkempt hobo beard. night one will be best because it will not only mark the band’s toronto debut. rather, it will also go down in history as the grand arrival of doug’s beard in our fair city. aside from that, three guitars are way better than one and as such i may or may not be willing to chop off my left hand in hopes of hearing that sonic heaven. plus, after witnessing calvin johnson two times in the past week i promise to make a sign championing "canned oxygen." cheers.