Friday, June 29th, 2007

Vision Of Repair

So, as I write this – Thursday night – I’m kinda drunk. Work function. And while I’d normally just skip posting today on account of the aforementioned inebriation, I want to plug a show going on at Sneaky Dee’s tonight. The main act in question is Parts & Labor from le Brooklyn who have just released their new album Mapmaker on Jagjaguwar and you know what? It’s pretty smokin’.

Take some good, solid, anthemic rock songs in the vein of Husker Du or Archers Of Loaf and wrap them in a maelstrom of drums and keyboards and you’re in the ballpark. Seriously, it’s like a hurricane of insane, pedal to the metal percussion, synths and guitar and barked vocals and while I wouldn’t have though it’s my thing, I’m really enjoying this record and I bet the show will be pretty damned excellent as well. Not sure/kinda doubt I’ll make it myself, but if you’re looking for something to kick off the long weekend, it’s as good a choice as any.

Also on the bill are local acts DD/MM/YYYY, Varge and Etaion Shrdlu. eye has an interview with DD/MM/YYYY and I got a copy of their new record Are They Masks? last week. To be totally honest, I have no idea what to make of it. It’s dense and chaotic and shifty and mathy and shouty and most decidedly outside my musical wheelhouse, but also probably a good fit for playing with Parts & Labor. And I know nothing about the other bands on the bill. But Parts & Labor, yeah, worth checking out I think. Too bad I’ll likely be sleeping off a hangover…

MP3: Parts & Labor – “Fractured Skies”
MP3: DD/MM/YYYY – “White Lies”
MP3: DD/MM/YYYY – “Mr T Cereal”
Stream: Parts & Labor / Mapmaker
MySpace: Parts & Labor

Exclaim has a feature on Interpol and their new record Our Love To Admire, out July 10. Video for the first single below:

Video: Interpol – “The Heinrich Maneuver” (YouTube)

File under: strange but wonderful. The DL pits J Mascis against David Cross in Guitar Hero.

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  1. Calum says:

    Weeeeeeird. I just came to check what you had written today while, amazingly enough, Parts and Labor are here at our house.

    Amazing amazing amazing amazing band.

  2. chris says:

    thank you thank you thank you for introducing me to parts and labor! wow. my friends and i had the toughest day today and this is like angelic medicine at the moment…

    i’m in the nation’s cap tonight and wishing i was closer to sneaky dee’s….


  3. claire says:

    i’d gotten another song of parts and labor’s somewhere recently, and it sounded like an "emergency and i" outtake. (which, in and of itself, is nothing to be mad at, a minor miracle, even.) but it was so well-executed and the melody so strong, that it surpassed the similarities. thanks for providing another sample of their music. will have to check them out in chicago next week.