Thursday, June 21st, 2007

Oh My God, Whatever, Etc.

I know lots of you still love Ryan Adams. That’s cool. My thoughts on the man haven’t changed too much since this post a couple years ago, even though afterwards, on the recommendations of many, I picked up what was generally regarded as the strongest of his three 2005 releases, Jacksonville City Nights. And while it was decent enough, like most of the rest of his post-Heartbreaker releases, it failed to engage me for any significant length of time. I really can’t put my finger on why, but I can probably say with some certainty that Ry-ry and my CD collection have parted ways for good.

But he remains a fascinating individual, as this weekend’s New York Times feature proved – as restlessly creative as he is (was?) self-destructive, even if you’re not into the music he’s great tabloid fodder. And with the release of his new record Easy Tiger next Tuesday, the media spotlight will once again be on Mr David Ryan Adams to see what he does next… at the moment that’s doing a small club tour that includes a stop at the Enwave Theatre in Toronto tomorrow night and also playing radio sessions. You can stream his World Cafe show in Philadelphia from last Friday at NPR or you can head over to I Am Fuel, You Are Friends to download the MP3-ified version. Minnesota Public Radio is also offering up the audio from his recent interview. And if you want the studio versions of the new songs, you can stream the new record below.

But wait – there’s a contest component to this post. Courtesy of Universal Music Canada, I’ve got a pretty sweet prize pack to give away to some lucky Canuck (this contest is only open to Canadians, sorry). The winner of this one will get to stare at a poster of Ryan Adams whilst listening to Easy Tiger in either analog or digital form because they’ll have a copy of the new record on LP and CD. That’s Easy Tiger on LP, Easy Tiger on CD and a Ryan Adams poster, just to be clear (don’t know what the poster looks like, sorry). To enter, leave me a comment with your pick for the best song Adams has written. You can pick from either his solo work or his Whiskeytown oeuvre – I’m curious what era of his career gets the most votes. Now though the contest is only open to Canadians, if someone from elsewhere wants to chime in, feel free. Just mention you’re not eligible for the contest (and don’t try to sneak one by me – you’ll have to provide your mailing address if you win). I’ll let this one run for a week – contest closes at midnight, June 28. Update: Congrats to Braden on winning the prize pack. The rest of y’all are still in the running for the autographed litho, though.

Stream: Ryan Adams / Easy Tiger

NPR also has Wilco at the World Cafe with a four-song session and interview while Filter has posted their cover story on the band from their latest issue. Wilco are in town at Massey Hall next Saturday with Low, and Bradley’s Almanac has assembled an almost-complete live version of their latest Drums & Guns pulling tracks from various shows, including one in Boston in April which he’s also sharing in its entirety.

The Age talks to Dinosaur Jr.

Coming July 21 to Sneaky Dee’s – Vancouver’s They Shoot Horses, Don’t They? accompanied by Montreal’s Shapes & Sizes.

Drowned In Sound has words with Handsome Furs, in town at Lee’s Palace on July 31.

eye and The Toronto Star interview Graham Van Pelt of Miracle Fortress, in town Saturday night for a show at the Whippersnapper Gallery. My contest for the Miracle Fortress vinyl closes tonight so if you wanted to enter but haven’t had any interesting dreams lately… make one up. I won’t know the difference.

Speed Of Dark offers up a combination concert review/interview with Land Of Talk. Among things revealed – the band have signed with One Little Indian in Europe and will release their forthcoming full-length there this year with a domestic release possibly not coming until 2008. Boo, hiss!

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  1. Dimitri says:

    Harder Now That It’s Over – not to say Gold is my favourite album, but this song is very special for so many reasons.

  2. Thierry says:

    I’d have to say "Oh My Sweet Carolina" – those harmonies with Emmylou Harris are unbelievable. A – very – close second would have to be "Excuse Me While I Break My Own Heart".

  3. Trish says:

    I have to pick a non-official release song because the first time I heard it it made me a little weepy. The song is Memories of You from the Destroyer or Bedhead sessions.

    Officially….Easy Hearts from Pneumonia OR Lo-Fi Tennessee Mountain Angel from Faithless Street. I like my Ryan a little country.

  4. lionzub says:

    "Cracks In A Photograph" from his album The Suicide Handbook. It’s just amazing.

  5. katie says:

    "i see monsters"….so good

  6. Jeff says:

    My absolute favorite hands down is "Afraid Not Scared." If you really listen to that song you can feel the meanings behind the music and it is so powerful. I also feel "Come Pick Me Up" from Heatrbreaker, "How Do You Keep Love Alive" from Cold Roses and "Two" from his newest LP, Easy Tiger.