Saturday, June 16th, 2007

Hot Heats, Soaked Streets

Earlier this week, I was totally excited about having a solid week and a half off from showgoing. I figured I’d catch up some reading, watch some TV, do some laundry, just kick back and relax. And that’s what I did for a few days… but then I started getting bored. Which is why I ended up back in the saddle, so to speak, to see We’re Marching On at the Tiger Bar last night.

I’d seen them back in March but in hindsight, neither of us were probably at our best. I was sick and burnt out from SxSW a few days before and they were playing their first show in over seven months but in the interim, they’ve toured relentlessly and I’ve gotten some sleep and I think it’s done us both a world of good. While I stand by my initial description of “garage-fi, ADD prog-pop built on a foundation of wickedly melodic keyboard riffs, dance-inducing drumming and colour-outside-the-lines arrangements”, I’m happy to say that for whatever reason, it all came across much more favourably this time.

They were definitely tighter than last time, the general chaos of that show replaced with a more focused, deliberate chaos this time around, equipment niggles notwithstanding. Though the occasion was ostensibly a CD (re)release party for their Argh! Umph! Ahhh! EP, they opted only to play a couple tracks from the record instead trotting out new material for the bulk of the set. Or at least I think it was new – I make no claims to be intimately acquainted with their repertoire – or maybe it was old. The audience was no help in gauging familiarity, enthused if not a bit rowdy, they cheered like crazy at everything. A good show, definitely an enjoyable night out and maybe proof that you do, on occasion, get a second chance to make a first impression.

eye talked to the band before their NxNE show at the Mod Club last weekend.

Photos: We’re Marching On @ The Tiger Bar – June 15, 2007
MP3: We’re Marching On – “1800s”

And I’ll be back at the Tiger Bar tonight – Tokyo Police Club announced a super-intimate show at said hole in wall this evening. Cover is $5 at the door, enter in from the back alley behind the College St Diner. The place holds maybe 100 people so if you’re gonna go, go early (doors at 10).

The New York Daily News chats with Ramesh Srivastava of Voxtrot. I’m not sure if there’s still space available for their Beautiful Noise taping at the Berkeley Church on the 20th – email with “Voxtrot” in the subject line to find out – but also note that it’s a double-header. They’re also filming an episode for Grace Potter & The Nocturnals that evening. Let’s play two!

The Guardian solicits writeups of “overrated albums” from various indie rolk folks, giving Eddie Argos of Art Brut the opportunity to prove he’s an idiot.

Christian Bale’s got a new wardrobe for The Dark Knight and Entertainment Weekly has the first pics. Via Newsarama.

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    I think the Art Brut guy is spot on. It turns out Ian Rankin’s the idiot.


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    reax to your guardian link