Sunday, June 17th, 2007

CONTEST – Miracle Fortress "Have You Seen In Your Dreams" 12"

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in the years I’ve been running this site, it’s that you – the readers – love the vinyl. And the shoegaze. And the classic pop.

Which is why I’m happy to be offering up, courtesy of Secret City Records, two shiny black slabs of vinyl from Montreal’s Miracle Fortress, who will be in town at the Whipper Snapper Gallery this Saturday evening. These are the 12″ singles for “Have You Seen In Your Dreams”, taken from his/their (I hate dealing with pronouns for one-man bands) beautiful new record Five Roses. Besides the title track, it’s b-sided by a cover of John Cale’s “Hanky Panky Nohow”.

To enter, leave me a comment below describing to me the last dream you had. Feel free to change names to protect the innocent – lord knows I would have to – and if you need to lie to make your subconscious seem like a more interesting place, so be it. You won’t be judged on the quality of your fantasy life, however, winners will be selected randomly. This is just the price of admission. The contest is open to residents of North America only – sorry to those abroad – and will close at midnight, June 21. And be sure to use your correct email address or a reasonably lifelike facsimile so that I can contact you should you win.

MP3: Miracle Fortress – “Have You Seen In Your Dreams”

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  1. Calum says:

    Last week I dreamt that I had moved to Montreal and was living with 16 people, only two of whom I had ever seen before, and one of whom was, incidentally, the brother of one Win Butler, who, as a result of this kinship, was frequently dropping by my abode just to say ‘hey’. I thought this was pretty cool, naturally, and was thus delighted to live in such a home despite the cumbersome number of tenants.

    We had a housewarming party. Win dropped by, as usual, and I began a conversation with him about how much I liked Funeral. But when he questioned me about whether I cared for Neon Bible (I didn’t), I froze up – what to say without being embarrassed and without insulting him? I quickly changed the subject: we, I decided, needed some pizza.

    I drove to the local pizzeria only to be greeted by two familiar faces – Issac Brock and Johnny Marr – in line, ready to order their pizza. I struck up a conversation and we hit it off great. I invited the chaps to our house party, and they politely agreed to stop by. I hurried home to (excitedly) inform my housemates of the company we were about to share, but, alas, nobody seemed to care. Offended that the presence of such musical geniuses weren’t enough to impress my stuck-up roomies, I ammended to move out and find a new hone.

    Then I woke up.

  2. Safetybear says:

    I just had a dream where I had written a detailed account of the history of Irish names, which was then re-written by my wife’s aunt. On a few sheets of paper, I laid out the way that the prefix "O’" or "Mc/Mac" means that the person is the "son of" their parent. (In the same way that "Johnson" means the son of John.) Okay, so I don’t know if this is true at all, but in this dream it was.

    I get the papers back from my aunt-in-law and setions are edited and changed. Replaced with sentences like: "This is a bunch of malarchy." And another old-school slang word that I can’t remember. I think it started with a "W".

  3. polk says:

    I recall a wonderfully verbose dream I had wherein I traveled to some nameless country, most likely an old Eastern European bloc state with pastoral rolling hills and unreachable mountain ranges. At times I was riding a bicycle, at times I was on foot. But always and everywhere there were boats; sailboats, schooners, pontoons, skiffs and the like, all propped up in the air. All manner of ships and sea vessels, and not a one resting in or anywhere near water. That is, not floating in water, but (seemingly) floating in the air.

    On I traveled. Still more landlocked seacraft. It was, in the end, as if the ships represented the things we take for granted in this life, and castoff, leave behind, high, dry, out of their natural context, to ignore forgotten and weathered.

    Much later I arrived at a bus station and decided it was time to get on one.

  4. Sabelotodo says:

    So this is a highscool flashback dream of the best kind. I’m back in highschool, walking through the halls, when I see a couch set out in the middle of the hallway. I sit down on it to rest my weary, weary legs, and simultaneously a very pretty girl I knew back then, named Brooke, also sits down on the couch. She smiles, I smile, and then we make out voraciously for a while. Eventually we have to go to class, she has basketweaving and I have fortune telling, so we stop making out… which is sad.

  5. Amanda says:

    Two nights ago I had one of those dreams where you wake up and want to analyze it right away…and it’s terribly obvious. I was apparently staring in a high school play with many of my closest friends, however, when it was my turn to speak I found that I had completely forgotten my lines. The auditorium was silent as I turned and ran behind the stage and out of the back doors. I continued to run, passing up a shoe store being held up by a robber (?) and an ice cream store that had a ridiculous line. I finally reached what appeared to be a water ride like the ones found at theme parks such as Six Flags and decided to stop there. Just as the ride reached the top of the peak before the big drop, I turned around to see who was behind me…and woke up.

    Terribly obvious symbolism I think. Oh well.

  6. Patrick 6 months says:

    The last drean I had? Well when waking this morning I dreamt that I was carpooling to work, but instead of cars we were going to work in some kind of submarine/aircraft contraption. We kept alternating between underwater and above water. It didn’t dawn on me that we carpool across 60 miles of New Mexico desert everyday without a single puddle around. Wishful thinking I guess

  7. Thomas says:

    Around five the other morning, I sat up abruptly and stated, "Wake up!" I was just finishing a dream where I was oversleeping, lazily passing away the morning. Somehow I was made aware of this, and knew I would be late for something really important. So, I woke myself up with the exclamation. But actually I didn’t wake up. I did, however wake up my light-sleeping wife. An hour or so later, I awoke normally. She reminded me about my early morning freak-out (grumpy times).

  8. Matthew says:

    My dream last night was of my myself walking through this lush garden maze. The expected hedges with flowers protruding from them. It looked really cool. It turned sour however when I was being pursued by a swarm of bees though hahaha. I can’t recall if I made it out ok, but the scenery was way cool … minus the bees.

  9. Thierry says:

    I dreamed about killing you again last night, and it felt alright to me. Well, not really, but I am very excited about the Wilco show next week!

    Anyhow, I usually have trouble remembering my dreams, so I only have a vague recollection of my last one – for some strange reason, it involved George W. Bush celebrating some sort of electoral victory with his smug face, all the while holding a mini-hamburger on a toothpick. Don’t ask.

    I can tell you that one of my favourite weird dream involved dreaming of watching an entire Ottawa Senators game the night before the actual game happened, seeing them win 3-2 with a player getting a hat-trick – and then the next the Sens ACTUALLY won 3-2 with one of their players scoring a hat-trick.


  10. Brent says:

    I’m glad I waited to post until today because I definitely had the weirdest dream last night.

    As with most of my dreams some of the details are fuzzy but I managed to remember the jist of it. I think I may have been a little scared of my mind had I remembered much more. The dream started out sitting in a diner, nothing very modern looking, somewhat unspecific, and not a place I’ve actually been before. I was by myself eating and it was pretty busy. I was being served by a beautiful girl some time during the night, not too late but not too early.

    Everything seemed to be completely normal but at some point my brain was tipped off that infact, the majority of the people in the diner were Zombies. Though they didn’t look like Zombies. It also occurred to me that during my meal I asked the waitress out and we were now dating exclusively, who unfortunately turned out to also be a Zombie. I however was not, and couldn’t decide if it was appropriate for the living and the reanimated to be intimately involved and was quite troubled over this question running over and over in my head. I was also quite confused over how these Zombies weren’t interested in eating my brains but I decided that was the least of my worries and accepted the situation as it was.

    The next thing I know I was being chased by the same group from the diner, my new girlfriend nowhere to be seen, shortly before waking up.

    Obviously, my subconcious thinks continuity is trivial.