Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007

Today I Am…

… in Vienna. This is what Vienna means to me.

By : Frank Yang at 8:00 am
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  1. stytzer says:

    Hmmm – couldn’t you have picked the Blue Danube Waltz instead?

  2. Thierry says:

    I picked up Falco 3 on vinyl the other day for a buck! :)

  3. Karl says:

    Just passing along The 10 Most Ludicrous Moments In The History Of 24:

    No spoilers for you.

  4. palpable says:

    Amadeus Amadeus, oh oh oh Amadeus…

  5. Paul says:

    Hope you pick up a wig and frilly shirt to bring back home with you.

    I’m a little partial towards this version: