Sunday, April 29th, 2007

Sunday Cleaning – Volume 70

The Love Story / The Love Story (Blonde)

There’s an initial temptation to call The Love Story a dream-pop band, after all – they’ve got a lot of the hallmarks. Languid female vocals, tempos in no particular hurry to get where they’re going, the occasionally well-placed fuzz bass line and squall of noise, that sort of thing, but they mess with the recipe enough that the pigeonhole is not a good fit. Most evident is the dryness of the production – rather than utilize the mandatory wet sheets of reverb, The Love Story is decidedly dry-sounding, almost parched in points. And since the arid production doesn’t smooth out any of the rough edges, Molly Donahue’s vocals are able to range from Hope Sandoval-ish haziness to PJ Harvey-ish howls. Unsettling yet engaging, they’re playing the Drake Underground this Friday night with fellow Noo Yawkers She Keeps Bees.

MP3: The Love Story – “Such Love”
MP3: The Love Story – “Bide”
MySpace: The Love Story

Page France / …and the Family Telephone (Suicide Squeeze)

You may recall I concluded my review of Page France’s last album Hello Dear Wind with “Page France makes me want to go out and get in a fight”. Well it seems the therapy has been helping, because I was able to get through their latest offering, out May 8, without wanting to inflict violence on my fellow man. And it’s not because they’ve changed, as ever they remain dedicated to creating twee, orchestral-folk indie-pop soundtracks for Sunday school picnics and watercolour competitions. And while I still find myself getting a bit anxious at around the 2/3 point of the album – 14 tracks long – it’s okay. They’re okay, I’m okay, everyone’s okay.

Page France are playing the Over The Top Festival this week with an evening show on Thursday, May 3 at the Whippersnapper Gallery and a matinee at the Tranzac on Saturday, May 5.

MP3: Page France – “Hat And Rabbit”
MySpace: Page France

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  1. amy says:

    I love Page France. I can’t wait to hear their new record!

  2. Matthew says:

    Love Story are really good. Never heard of them before. I do prefer Such Love to Bide, though.