Sunday, March 25th, 2007

CONTEST – Birdmonster @ The Horseshoe – March 28, 2007

I’ve been assured by the folks in San Francisco’s Birdmonster, who were foiled in their last attempt to come to Canada back in September, that this time their paperwork is all in order and they will indeed be at the Horseshoe on Wednesday, March 28, to make their T.O. debut.

Accompanying them on this evening will be Mason Proper from Detroit and Toronto’s The Coast and The Visit. If that seems like a lot of bands, it is, but all of them seem quite certain that they’re playing that night so I’ll let them sort it out. My job is just to get you there. Courtesy of Against The Grain, I’ve got five pairs of passes to give away for this show. Since notice is short, I’m going to take the names of the first five people to email me at contests AT for my winners. So if you’re bored and cruising the internet on a Sunday afternoon, it’s all about to pay off for you. Passes all gone! Congrats to Dmitri, Erik, Matt, Moira and Marc.

MP3: Birdmonster – “Cause You Can”
MP3: Birdmonster – “Skeleton Suit”
MP3: Mason Proper – “My My (Bad Fruit)”
MP3: Mason Proper – “Miss Marylou Carreau”
MP3: The Coast – “Circles”
MP3: The Coast – “The Lines Are Cut”
MySpace: Birdmonster
MySpace: The Coast
MySpace: Mason Proper
MySpace: The Visit

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