Sunday, February 11th, 2007

Sunday Cleaning – Volume 65

Chin Up Chin Up / This Harness Can’t Ride Anything (Suicide Squeeze)

Those who find the aughts to be a green and fertile period for indie rock will find much to like about Chicago’s Chin Up Chin Up. By parts Strokes-y and Modestly Mouse-like though not as derivative as the former or as gratingly weird as the latter, they strike a decent balance between the two, run through a New Wave-friendly filter. While angular guitars are SO 2005 (or should that be 1985?) and I’m not the biggest fan of singer Jeremy Bolen’s delivery (though I’m thankful he’s not too much of a yelper), the songs have an appealing, skittish energy and a healthy dose of hooks that should make for a good show when they’re in town on Friday, February 16 for a show with Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin at Sneaky Dee’s. Cover is $7.

MP3: Chin Up Chin Up – “This Harness Can’t Ride Anything”
Video: Chin Up Chin Up – “This Harness Can’t Ride Anything” (YouTube)
MySpace: Chin Up Chin Up

The Low Lows / Fire On The Bright Sky (WARM)

Realizing that a change was in order when the Lily half of New York dreampop veterans Parker & Lily called it quits, the remaining members of the band, led by Parker Noon, moved to Athens, GA, named themselves after the final P&L record and carried on carrying on. The Low Lows offer up a storm of Southern gothic atmosphere served up on a bed of stuttering tremolo and trembling farfisa, seasoned with the weeping pedal steel, clanging guitars and Noon’s voice calling out through deep, tin can reverb. The prevailing mood is one of melancholy (Parker & Lily split because Parker and Lily split), distance and yearning – a fitting soundtrack to sitting on the veranda, thinking about the past and watching the kudzu grow.

MP3: The Low Lows – “Dear Flies, Love Spider”
Video: The Low Lows – “Dear Flies, Love Spider” (YouTube)
MySpace: The Low Lows

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