Thursday, February 22nd, 2007

Patient Eye

Sexy, sultry, mysterious and a maybe a bit dangerous – whether you think I’m talking about Los Angeles’ Midnight Movies or just their lead singer Gena Olivier is entirely up to you, but the adjectives apply equally to both, inasmuch as the former is defined by the latter.

Some lineup changes between their 2004 self-titled debut and the recording of their follow-up, Lion The Girl (originally slated for a March 6 release but now due out April 24), saw Olivier step out from behind the kit where she had been doing dual duty as drummer and lead singer and she now fronts the band in a more conventional manner, while also playing keyboards. She’s been replaced on drums by Sandra Vu and Ryan Wood is another new addition on bass, with original keyboardist Jason Hammons having departed before work on the new record commenced.

While this move will no doubt disappoint those who believe the singing drummer to be the pinnacle of musical accomplishment, I’ve no doubt it’s played some part in the remarkable growth evident from the band’s debut to the new album. They’ve taken the promising elements of the first record – Olivier’s femme fatale vocals overtop the darkly psychedelic atmospherics – and created a record that succeeds both as a strong collection of songs and an overall immersive mood piece, though that mood is rather like sitting in a loud, crowded club while wondering if someone slipped something into your drink and if so, where can you get more of it? Dream pop for those with unsettling dreams.

Campus Circle and The Rockit talk to Midnight Movies, who play The Hot Freaks at SxSW on Friday, March 16 at 3:30PM inside at the Mohawk and have their official showcase on March 15 at 10PM at the Blender Bar at The Ritz.

MP3: Midnight Movies – “Patient Eye”
Video: Midnight Movies – “Patient Eye” (YouTube)
MySpace: Midnight Movies

Also appearing at Hot Freaks on the Saturday at 3:30PM is Asobi SeksuPitchfork has info on their upcoming touring and European release plans. They’ve also released a new video from Citrus for “Goodbye”.

Video: Asobi Seksu – “Goodbye” (YouTube)

eye, NOW and The Toronto Star talk to Jesse Sykes, in town tomorrow night with The Sweet Hereafter opening for Sparklehorse at the Mod Club. What, no one wants to talk to Mark Linkous? Okay, The Phoenix, Seattle Weekly, Seattle New Times and The Westender did – just no one in Toronto. Feel the love, Mark. Feel it.

And some more country chanteuses coming to town – Lucinda Williams at Massey Hall on April 17 and Brandi Carlile at the Horseshoe on May 7. Her new album The Story is out April 3. And completely not an chanteuse, UK next big thing Mika is at the Mod Club on March 21, tickets $15.

PopMatters wonders why Arrested Development failed while The Office is a hit. And speaking of television, Studio 60 is pretty much dead while reports of Veronica Mars’ demise are hopefully exaggerated.

I finally got that SxSW torrent downloaded and on the iPod. This will be a trip.

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  1. marc says:

    SXSW torrent? ooooh, gonna have to get it tonight

  2. i love veronica says:

    veronica mars cannot end!!! this season is really heating up again. actually since it came back a month or two ago from that break, it’s been awesome!!

  3. Roland says:

    Niiice, thanks for the introduction to Midnight Movies. The mp3 link seems a bit off, though; here’s one that works:

  4. Frank says:

    thanks roland. kind wish someone had told me twelve hours ago…