Monday, February 12th, 2007

Keep The Car Running

Finally. After all the rumours, denials and mind-changing, the details end up exactly as they were originally planned over a month ago.

Arcade Fire.
May 15 and 16.
Massey Hall.
Tickets $34 and $38, plus fees, service charges, charitable donation, etc.
On sale Friday, February 23 at 12:00 Noon, only through Ticketmaster and the Massey Hall box office.

You may wish to complain about some of the numbers noted above, that is your right. However no one will care and both shows will be sold out before you’re done bitching. Pitchfork has all the North American tour dates.

Neon Bible is out on March 6. Merge would be happy to let you pre-order it in either regular or deluxe editions – the fancy one is pretty and everything, but all I see is something that won’t fit on my CD racks. It’s also available in double-LP format, but note the 6-8 week delay in delivery on those. Life is never easy for the analog types.

By : Frank Yang at 6:00 pm
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  1. wendy says:

    It is not meant for the shelf Frank…it is meant to be displayed in a floodlit glass cabinet on the wall. ;-)

  2. thomaus says:

    First off, if it’s neon, it doesn’t need floodlights.
    Second, it’s a bible. So it’s meant to be read, quoted from or swore upon, not just kept on a shelf.
    Third, the deluxe was pretty cheap compared to the regular version (yes, I ordered it).
    Fourth, the LP version comes with an MP3 download link ( so wouldn’t it be legal to illegally download the album once one ordered it? I guess morally, one would have to wait until release day…

  3. Dan says:

    I hope to get tickets. The show i saw in chapel hil was AMAZING!

    the NYC ones sold out FAST.